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All problems have there origin in the individual, and there perpetuation in communication. What you can do is see your individual part, and see to how it’s propagated.

Negative World View in Darkness


In the shadow, the human mind will create “bad” things. But the bad things are things arising from our nature, the same as those parts of ourselves we praise. Being parts of the one whole truth of who we are, often that shadow mirrors everything we consider worthy, every virtue we claim stemming from something we dubbed a vice. Body, mind, soul = animal, human, god. Refuse to give one place, and you alter everything you accept. The villain isn’t in any one part of yourself. It’s in the action of tearing yourself to pieces.

Be centered in watching yourself learn. If you will see no evil, you also will heal no evil. If you see enough evil, you will not call it evil. You will know it as a part of the cycle of the world itself, and you will choose in knowing, where in the past you chose in denial.

If I permit my own temperament to manifest, I favour expedience over endurance. I favour what many judge a dark spiritual path, a negative world view, and I am often judged for it. I favour it as an acknowledgement of my own temperament, my own nature, and not from any morbid reactionary view. I find that through my dark lens, I often see things that the light chasers claim I cannot possibly see, because supposedly they understand truth best.

What is a negative view of the world? Reductionistic, minimalist. If something confuses me, I “negate” it. I may find truth in it later, but I favour a ground up view, and often will not go to the heights that some hold dear. I can see the wisdom in the joys they know, but they don’t like it when I see and speak of the accompanying falsehood. I see how things break, and how they fall apart. It is just how I work, and at times it is hard for me. Alienating.

It’s easy to let yourself be invalidated, because much pressure can be exerted for you to be normal. Be what people expect, and the idea of doing otherwise can be really scary. Given motive, people will lash out. I think this is why we learn to conform. We don’t want to be trampled by the herd.

I find faith to be a negative in most cases, and not for itself. Faith of itself is a phase in life. The first step that lets you take more steps, but people distort the first step usually by saying, “I should believe.” This is why I take the negative view. If you tell me I should believe, I will automatically say no. If I see your belief, then I might say yes.

You mean it’s not good to give our trust when we don’t know if the other deserves it? It is not about deserving. That’s a human notion. I describe it as trusting the snake to be a snake. If someone seems to hold a belief dear, it will show, and you don’t have to judge deserving or undeserving.

Everyone is honest to their natures sooner or later? Inevitably, so trust in your ability to see by simply giving yourself time to see. The way of seeing and listening is natural, and thus culturally we don’t trust it. This seems foolish to me. Does our thought serve us better, really? If someone says, “I think I saw.” or “I think I heard.” I don’t get upset, but I know that seeing and hearing didn’t really happen. If I judge them for that, then I’m not seeing or hearing either. Why be blind in chasing those you judge blind?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. tylar

    I came across this post by mistake, and it was like reading something I’d written myself, why fit in when you can be yourself

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