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Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

Sanity Delusion in Synergy


Your mind has always been operating on the “implicate order”, but you have been ignoring it. Your subconscious mind ignores nothing and processes any and all experiential identities. If it has a form, your subconscious mind recognizes and remembers it, and in every moment where what the average person calls their “perception” breaks… Well, it’s just a failure of a badly constructed psychological pattern, and the break that seems like psychosis is just the libido/life instinct trying to broaden your awareness. Because otherwise your body/mind is very aware that your supposed “perception” endangers it.

Freedom? Yes, it wants it. But you think you don’t, and you think you don’t because you think and were taught to think. Everyone firmly believes that reality is perceived through thought, and to survive you must analyze well. This is a serious psychosis, but it is the psycho-social consensus.

Every bit of training I had was to analyze. We all need to get a little bit crazy? A little actual madness would go a long way, but modern madness stems from the “sanity” delusion. It is not at all natural. So modern mental illnesses are illnesses, and they just have “sanity” to thank for their disease.

Not to mention the physical illnesses generated from it as well? Yes, diet behaviours, religiously motivated mortification of the flesh, rebellious over indulgence. These all stem from “sanity” and the “real world.”

I find that the majority are in a state of illness. So many times things I was taught never felt right. It was hard to explain why, and harder to explore when being reminded to do what you are told and think what you are told. The modern world is madness. We are programmed like robots to react in a false world. It’s a broken machine badly in need of scrapping. There are some things we can salvage, but we need to live as whole beings in a whole world. Maybe the overly simplistic “ideals” and “roles” could be kept as museum pieces or as “planters” to help us remember the context for why we are choosing self actualization instead. Everything needs an environment to grow in, and that starts with breaking a “dead” one.

For example, the Native American lived at one with the ecology. His life was abundant until the white man came with his brand of “civilisation.” He lived in mans true natural state. I agree, and we can actually advance that natural state to permit natural evolution. We do not need to remain static, but we have to start maybe from where we last remember having “wholeness.”

I heard that the average number of friends people have has declined substantially in the last 25 years. That would indicate loss of synergy? It is the decay of synergy, yes. A serious threat, if we are lucky, to the social order. If we are unlucky, it’s a serious threat to human survival.

So long story short, synergy is not something to achieve. Not something you can attain. It’s a very real and omnipresent fact. A realization to be mindful of. The guidance available from the synergy insight alone is without measure and endlessly useful. You don’t have to make synergy. You actually can’t make synergy, but with the synergy insight you can make informed choices, and have things be very functional and not energy draining.

As you said, we indoctrinate a modern world image into people and it limits their power of thought. We expect people to react to modern life with speed and low maintenance and when they can’t because some move at a slower pace, they break down and we call them insane. Yet is not the system we work, as you said, insane? And cultures once had healers, and I don’t mean practitioners of medicine. Cultures once had preservers of balance among the people. They went by a lot of names, and before institutions lobotomised human insight they were quite effective. If Joe down the street was showing signs of going “mad”, the tribes healer would go explore Joe’s spiritual world and help him get caught up with that. Not really very complicated is it?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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