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Most of peoples impulses are right.

Greater Whole in Synergy


Synergy can be loosely defined as two or more things operating as a greater whole. In unity (and people are very much into the unity buzzword these days), reality cannot operate outside of its nature. Everything is constantly operating as a greater whole, but we think that any given “this” has nothing to do with any other “that” somewhere else. We think our problems aren’t connected to anyone else’s problems. Our repressed feelings aren’t repressing someone else’s feelings. This is not true.

Especially an empath? Indeed, that gift does make synergy easier to perceive, and harder.

Hang out with a repressed long enough … Arggh. Oh yes, the “my life isn’t a part of your life” thinking is false on every front. Any event that happens in your life is manifested by you. Yes, this is totally true and is maybe a confusing truth, because who or what are you really? What is this you that is experiencing what you have decided is “your life”? I would say that most people don’t really know, and thus they find themselves involved in activities and situations that they tell themselves they had nothing to do with, but is this even physically possible? To be involved with anyone or anything that you didn’t have something to do with?

I am but a reflection of myself as yourself as herself as himself as the leaves that fall. As the mist that clings, as the stars that promise. Indeed. People lose touch with reality when they hold to an idea of the “real world.” They are busy thinking it and see little or sometimes none of it with any clarity, and thus they don’t see the cause and effect patterns in their life. Every person who has fear of greater powers will have reason in their experience to fear greater powers rather than being present and learning how this “greater” power works. All of the events and energy that comes from their relationship to that power, and their judgement of themselves in that context, will create genuinely fearful experiences. They will blame it. No matter what part of the world this big scary thing is, it will be that things fault. All the while they will continue to be overpowered and will miss the opportunity to take the power they give it to hurt them back, or better still miss opportunities to give this person, place, or thing the power to help them.

Why do we avoid the responsibility? Because we believe that it’s “our life.” That things about life can be objects that we keep or throw away. Has this proven true for anyone? Even ego, that most precious of reviled “objects.” We can’t throw the ego away.

We think there is I and others that are totally separate from I? That is the mistaken notion. We are told not to be egotistical, so in a humility we create a false place for ourselves and convince ourselves that this one way is the way we should be. It is egotism to be humble. It is egotism to be arrogant. It is not egotism to be “I.” If I say the word “me”, I am not being egotistical. There is an I that can see you.

Why is humbleness egotism? Humbleness is egotism because it’s always in the context of what you think is a bigger world than your being. You are always being humble because something has to be bigger/better/separate from you, even the big bad ego itself.

Humbleness is subtle greaterness? Yes. If anything humbles me, I am the one who is humble. I am labelling my being as “humble.” As deciding that something can humble me.

Our Native Hawaiian concept of that is very different, ha’aha’a. Ha the breath, said twice to connect. It is not shame. It is not lessening. It is awe in the sense of awe being that aha moment of recognition, ha’aha’a a ha’aha’a. It looks like text laughing, LOLOL, might as well, ha ha a ha’aha’a ! This is a good concept.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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