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Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

Open To Synergy in Synergy


Suffering (as Buddha put it) is to not be in synergy? Exactly. You won’t feel attachment anxiety when your mind is clear and you see the synergy in life. If you aren’t seeing life’s synergy, it’s not because of any failure of life or even because of any personal failure. It’s because you are “trying”. You are “thinking”.

Thinking is an art. I like a broad creative range and big brush strokes to paint my life, and if I’m in the mood to paint something different I reserve the right to change the “palette” which is my self. Young people are natural creators, and we were never supposed to get away from that.

If someone is an energy manipulator and sometimes feels unable to manipulate energies because they think they can’t connect, how do you fix that issue? Just through meditation? Hmm, actually through experience. They need to experience the snarl they created, because it will show them how they created it. They shouldn’t try to fix it. They should see that it came from their effort to “fix” something. The idea that fixing is something you do.

Is there a right way to think, as think we must anyway? Recognize what thinking is. Thinking is painting with the senses. It’s an organizing, but not of objects. There are no objects. It’s an organizing of relationships. Even hypnotherapy says this and psycho analysis. This is why they use word association.

Don’t take your thinking literally, that’s delusion. Any thinking you do is just a sorting of your own energy as you connect to the world. Once that’s all sorted out, in any moment you let your “self” or spirit flow. You just act. In Buddhism they call this right action.

You take your thinking like you take a painting or any art? Exactly. I don’t have to let another artist change my picture. But if I’m honest, I will admit that their art will influence my own, and I enter synergy with all people I have relationships with. My picture has a bit of my wifes influence in it and a bit of my sons. But I can knowingly pick and choose the influences, so my spirit is served rather than blinded.

Is thinking creating then? Thinking is creating, then. Acting is manifestation.

That is inspiration, is it not? Yes, it is. You see someone’s work and think I can do that and still make it my own, not just a copy? Also true. It’s what I hope people do with my classes and blog posts. Take what I and others who share offer, make it their own, and grow in being from it. Is this too hard? Or perhaps too easy, but even if it’s too easy do we not need to do it?

Like not trying to over process, just allow it to sink into your consciousness? Yes, and we need to knowingly do it. Know that we are doing it and open ourselves to the synergy that creates us anyway.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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