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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

Self Is Life in Synergy


With some people it’s just not possible to be very synergic? Dissonance exists, yes, but it does not exclude synergy. Dissonance is cramped flow, snarled connections, and all these snarls can be circumvented.

Without ego you have “just self”. You don’t have to think, “What about me?” You will just be there and see what is there, and do what you are called to do. You will be more of an individual not less, because when you habitually ask “What about me?” what is this me you ask about? Did you choose who “me” is?

Without ego you lose individual focus, but ego encourages us to act? Self encourages you to act. Doesn’t have to be twisted with ideas about self. Just self is good enough is it not?

Depends on what the self is? No, it doesn’t. Self is life. It is what is your life. The living warmth of your heart beat. The perceptive vibrancy of a living and learning mind.

So self is not “I”? The self is the being that is in-form or informed of a world of endless possibility. Why not reserve a broad range of choices? How does this deny self worth?

Self is the whole? Self is a part of the whole and the whole. Self dances with self, and the rhythm is a synergy that has given everything form and meaning until we became distracted. There is a way and we can feel it like dance steps, but we can’t “think” about it. We can only do it, and we will do it if we will allow ourselves self integration which involves a synergy with the world that birthed us.

Distraction throws off the rhythm like a record player skips? Exactly. You will think in this life. Your brain does thinking by itself. The brain is a useful sense organ to check in with, but you have to recognize its limits and allow it to function in synergy with what you may have decided is “not brain.” Once brain and not brain are in synergy (not brain being body), then maybe you can consider that the body mind are in synergy with things beyond the body mind.

Isn’t distraction also part of the dance? Yes, it is. By knowing what is moving away from synergy we can knowingly choose to move back into it, and even enhance what might have only been a shallow degree of synergy before. You have to know what’s upstream to know what flow means.

Tree of knowledge? The tree of knowledge was a great gift and a heavy burden. The children of Adam are still struggling with that one, but life goes on.

In Taoism, they say that which goes against the Tao cannot stand. Meaning it cannot endure, because it lacks sufficient synergy, support from reality, and it lacks this because it will not further life. Life/love being the whole law or law of wholeness.

Synergy is to be in flow with Tao? Yes, it is. But we can have guidelines from this feeling of resistance so everything serves synergy. There are no exceptions to this rule. Even the apparent exception is just proof of the rule. When you encounter things or people you just can’t seem to see your connection to, it’s not due to any denial of theirs. If they are upset, if anything they are likely being very open and expressive. The denial is yours not theirs. You have that unpleasantness in you. Whenever you meet someone you feel you are not connected to, it is denial.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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