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I will say I worship nothing, and yet I love a lot more. Love is very simple. There is a process of affinity. A natural sense of connectedness to life and those we encounter. It varies a lot and we can deliberately engage it.

Wholeness Of Synergy in Synergy


You were born from synergy, and when your flesh and blood transforms back into the synergy you will just move into a different state of synergy. The spirit and the flesh are one, because there can be no greater or lesser. Nothing can exist that is lowly, and nothing can be beyond the wholeness of synergy. All energies in your being, love, lust, sadness, hunger, you didn’t create any of this and they are traps only to the degree you decide they can trap.

Synergy exists between all of your being states and every other being state you can have. Synergy exists between your sickness and your health, between your wealth and your poverty. Whatever state you are in, or rather think you are in, is not produced by the world itself. It’s produced by your relationships which exist in your own being.

Synergy means wholeness? Synergy means wholeness. Can you breath without air? Or drink without something to drink? Walk without some place to walk? Where is there in life where synergy is not the rule? Yes, we fall out of this constant and ever present awareness, and in seeking to spurn the ego does one find it again? In my experience no, and people get even more stuck when they get on the “I am that” trip. Then loose faith in transcendence and then often give up on spirituality all together. Whatever you think you are, why do you think you are that? Did you get the idea all on your lonesome? Even if you are seeking unity, where did you get the idea to seek it?

Synergy = my relationship with the whole? Yes, it does. Synergy is working as a whole, and realizing the wholeness.

Synergy is like the concept that the individual is unimportant and at death you go into the light and your individual ego self is fragmented? No, not at all.

Synergy = religion? Not at all.

Synergy is the realization of where you are, and how you are here. Who you are, and why you are in that state of being also. It’s the realization of the utmost importance of the individual that all of existence interacts so that you yourself can exist.

It means being present behind your senses? Yes, and present beyond your senses. Present in your body and in the world that your body came from, and present in the universe that the world itself came from.

Sounds like a meditative or religious experience to me. It could be called that if you judge it to be that, but why do you judge it to be that? You have to meditate to see that your day has been “the day”? You have to have a religion to see that life events flow together and effect each other? But you can be aware that these are truths, and if it affects your “religion” (which originally just meant a practice) then yes, it can be the basis by which you make decisions and choose your actions. Synergy is a sensitivity more than a thinking.

Choosing based on the concept that you are responsible for the outcome? Yes, but not solely responsible. Choosing, knowing you are part of the choice, and not having “ego” tell you that the whole choice is yours.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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