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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

Greatest Error in Synergy


The Pali Cannon is right, totally right, but most people I have met don’t really understand why. The greatest error is false identification. It gets explained in a very ham fisted way as “ego”, but you don’t correct an error just by calling it an error.

The ego is an error, because it doesn’t incorporate synergy. Many modern pseudo-mystics get very caught up in a self righteous “I am that” attitude, and they are very busy telling themselves “I am not self”. This is not an escape from ego, but rather a deeper delusion regarding it. It’s all well and good to say “I am that”, but people make it into a religion and it becomes heresy to add the question “Why?” It is indeed possible to discern why I am that.

You mean defining themselves as being a certain religion like people define themselves by their job or possessions? Hmm, no. I mean the no ego ideal. They get caught up in “unity”, but wind up just doing the equivalent of poking their own spiritual eyes out. Just call “unity” a holy state and declare it sacred and therefore put it above exploration in their minds.

They miss the synergy part of ego in that they won’t let their ego play with others and instead just deny it? Yes.

Some children are slow to walk or talk, and it’s very often not because of any organic deficiency. They don’t make the experiential connection between their limbs and their minds desire to explore, often because they are drowned in a parents perception of their role as care taker. They don’t make the experiential connections between their emotions and the drive to express them to effect, because they are submerged in the parents perception of themselves as being “understanding” with the subsequent smothering behaviour.

No synergy? No synergy allowed. The parent is busy being an invasive intermediary, and most adults still use this intermediary. They “protect” themselves with a filtering paradigm, and can’t perceive the fullness of self in their own bodies let alone the energies of self in the world. They are taught that they must either act upon or be acted upon. This is a serious delusion.

I am in a sense a huge egotist. When events happen I feel them. I see them. My mind absorbs every detail voraciously as if it were food and my life depended on it, and when I don’t feel the fullness I know something is wrong, and engage other presences in my environment to include their creations in my perception and reaction. I prefer to act as a whole, but people usually just want me to “play my PART.” Call me psychologically abnormal because I don’t like parts.

People usually blame (or praise) others or themselves. They seldom see it as a two way street. It is hard for most to see the others perspective. If you can perceive the praiseworthy, it’s because your mind is fit to identify the praiseworthy. If you can find fault, it is because your mind has part in that fault and it troubles you. There is not my problems and your problems. If I see what is your problem, I see it because it’s my problem. If I feel you engage in misconduct, it’s because in that moment I am engaging in misconduct and feel bad about it. If I do what most people do when faced with “your misconduct”, I will try to control you to make myself feel better, and fail miserably. Then blame you for being stubborn or even evil because I couldn’t make you make me feel better. Where I could have just saw to my connection and actual resolved my issue.

You live in a synergistic world. We all do, literally everyone. Tell me about your world, you won’t tell me anything about the world when you do. You will actually be telling me all about yourself, and to be honest I won’t be surprised. Human genetic/psychological/experiential diversity isn’t really that great. Human life is not really very complex, and human perceptual/cognitive mastery, well… We see the product of that all around us.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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