When a condition is at the stage of thought, you can change your mind. When it’s become a feeling, it impresses the environment, and when it’s become an action, you are then stuck with the consequences.

Reflexive Impact on People and Events in Blue Magick

Applied Blue Magick

Another example: Can anyone think of someone they feel now that they hate?

So many people.

Real life teaches that we should not think about hate. We should not think that we hate others or that others may hate us, but try this with me with one person firmly in mind. Tap as deeply into your feelings of hate as you can, all your spite, all your willingness to kill, your utter disgust and urge to reject. Tell me what happens.

It feels powerful. Can you keep that person in your mind while feeling it?

Yes. Ah, then perhaps you do hate them so. I find myself that when I tap into my hate, there is a cognitive disconnect. The person just doesn’t fit. I can’t really feel that way about them.

I have no problem hating violent criminals. I can’t feel hate about violent criminals. I can feel the urge to control, a passionate desire to ignore their world view, their choices and preferences. I do feel a desire to seize hold of their experience and re-pattern their attention. I don’t care if they volunteer. I could maybe salvage some of their order they pissed on, recover some of the integrity. Otherwise, if their emotions are just dulled by it, and they can’t find the motivation to act as they do, I’m okay with that also. Sound crazy?

Even if you don’t accept the idea of paranormal contact, what do you think of this notion? Give me a brain computer interface (BCI), and strap one to them as well. With a full sensory rig, sight and sound and smell, give my headset the ability to control theirs, an ability to select from a pallet of sensory information and initiate it, and provide me with feedback on their brain state from their own headset. Do you think it impossible that I could accomplish my goal then? In my experience, people have very little ability to tolerate the rate of information flow I manage.

With some people perhaps. Do you think they could hold up against me?

Probably not. Do you think a normally healthy person could?

I don’t know. Perhaps throw in a nice witches cradle, a Faraday rig so their sense of their own proprioception is thrown off. Am I sick or what?

It could get trippy.

I wonder what that would feel like.

I think people would be really surprised by what I could show them and how I could organize and reorganize their senses, but the fact is this isn’t as much work as it sounds. If you gain control of this process in yourself, it will have a reflexive impact on people and the events that occur around you. This is why the Soviet Union was so keen to understand this, crowd control, but it doesn’t have to be tyrannical. It can just be healing, empowering. People are much less inclined to do petty things when they honestly feel good. They don’t have to know why they feel good.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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