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Life is lived in moments.

Understanding in Being in Temptation


We have in our being an understanding of our whole nature, and a reference point for understanding the entirety of nature itself. We research things because we want to. We build things because we want the tool or means to our end that our “industry” produces, and we are working with what is effectively a meaning free blank slate. Isn’t that the idea? The world is supposedly anything we want it to be. We can supposedly make it that way. Have we succeeded? Is the world what we want it to be?

There is much lacking. Where is the lack? Where is the void? The universe never fails. It sets up the potential for anything to happen, for everything to succeed.

The lack is that feeling that we need to suffer or sacrifice something to be validated. That is a lack, yes, but it isn’t in our world itself, only in how we think about it. Even science says the world was present before we began thinking about it. The potential for human like awareness was present before any humans actually existed or it could never have occurred at all. This integrity is unbroken. The knowing I’m talking about is our entire experience. The whole way our mind can even develop an experience from any of the stimulation our bodies are subject to.

If we did not experiment then we could not have begun using and making tools. We began using and making tools because we have the knowledge in our nature. If we did not, then nothing in the physical environment would ever have given us the insight to make a knife or a spear. That ability was present in the human brain.

Just like other animals and birds that use tools. Yes. It’s not even exclusive to humans.

We didn’t have to try, we just did. We came up with the idea of trying things. Trial is the same as struggle. Only much later we know what we can do, and we know how we can grow. We also know what other things can do, and how they grow.

Our natures show us the way of life on our planet as a whole. We know we cannot breathe water, and if we leap from a cliff we will not fly, only fall. Yet we spend a very great deal of time considering things that have no basis in this understanding, do we not? We see our whole world, and we consider how we might eat dirt.

Isn’t that how we move beyond our limits? It is indeed how we move beyond our limits, and it’s how we defile our natures, poison our bodies and minds.

We consider how we might take any and all stages of life and reality and bend them away from the very systems that allowed us to arise in this world. We think that because we can perceive and consider new purposes for everything in our environment that we should indeed do this. Why is this? Do all options really need to be considered? 

Curiosity? Why is it we say that curiosity killed the cat? We know inside that the world is necessary, and that we should respect and even embrace reality, but in our thinking do we not deny reality at every turn?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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