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Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

The Universe is Participating in You in Temptation


Now there was a reason for all my commentary on human potential earlier, because human potential is not by definition human. It is not limited to humans. Can we even state clearly what it is to be human?

People always try to diffentiate humans from animals but they never agree on what it is, and we seem so intertwined that it annoys me when they do. I hate those that try to say love is a human trait. They project the human condition onto reality, making everything human and therefore nothing can be. In the effort to put humans above everything else, we lose humanity all together.

How much of our science has remained rooted in that inner human awareness, grounded in our fundamental instinct? How much of what we do has any ability to support life?

Has any? Very little. There has been some work, but the greater mass has been directed along the lines of human temptation. In trying to put humans above everything else, we have had to deny human nature entirely. What has this served?

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Humanity has the potential to direct the energy of the entire universe, but how can it ever hope to do that without starting from its starting point? Starting from self? How is your own attention directed? By stimuli that work with your nature, light that you can see, sound that you can here. Can anything not of your nature move you to any sort of behavior?

The universe forever recreates itself at the atomic level if nothing else. The atoms of your body are the same as the atoms of any star. They are in no way separate or different. The only thing that makes you who and what you are in your form, your pattern, your function.

Can you have a dialogue with distractions present? Can you have a conversation when only one person is actually participating? Conversations are by definition two party affairs. The universe is participating in you. You can see because it sees. You can hear because it hears. Insight into self is insight into the universe itself, but we are laboring under a terrible idea. The idea of self versus not self. What I can have and what I can’t have. What I can do and what I can’t do. Can we explore the universe in us fully while we are concerned with whether or not we can eat dirt?

Is the tree of life really our universe then? Indeed, it is. The knowledge of self and not self. The separation of man from god.

In becoming aware of self we have shown the ultimate contempt of self. We sold our souls in an effort to “get a life.” The reason we forgot self is perhaps it’s too simple, too humble. It’s as humble as the dust beneath our feet, because it is that. You can feel the state of the earth within yourself. Science has even studied the impact of living in a totally sterile environment for very long. It’s really bad. We get panicky, even sick.

Like hospitals. Yes. This is why those have changed so much over the years. They humanized them because we need our human nature to live. We cannot live a sterile life. Sterility, perfection, technology, progress, these are the products of temptation. The roots of today’s poisons, but is poison always lethal?

A tiny bit of poison can boost your immune system. Small doses can be beneficial. Our true natures actually have a metabolism of sorts. We can and are meant to learn from experience.

Sometimes you need a shock to get yourself going. Indeed. This taint can be a tonic if we own it and recognize it for what it is, but temptation as I understand it is distraction. The things that drive you to distraction, that lead you to forget your life and why you live it, to forget what you want and what is really worth giving to get it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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