'Temptation' Chapter


The root temptation is to see ourselves as the center of our world. Every perception, every possible revelation of wisdom, is distorted through a lens of this is me and that is not. We have declared ourselves more clever than reality itself yet isn’t it reality we are supposedly trying to understand?

The potential for human like awareness was present before any humans actually existed or it could never have occurred at all. Our natures show us the way of life on our planet as a whole. Yet we spend a very great deal of time considering things that have no basis in this understanding. We know inside that the world is necessary, and that we should respect and even embrace reality, but in our thinking we deny reality at every turn.

Be fully present, make your own choices, do what you will, be who you are. You can have no more impact than you give yourself permission to have. You can find no more meaning than you express yourself or hear expressed in others.

“’Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall.” William Shakespeare (English Dramatist, Playwright and Poet, 1564-1616)

Root Temptation

In this event, we have been discussing the dark side of metaphysical practice. Today specifically we will discuss the temptations you may have heard mention of whenever you have talked with people about these things. I will open by asking,… Seek More

Masters of All

We seek to rise above the facts of life and petty nature, declaring ourselves as special and worthy of dominion over all else that exists, if not openly and consciously, then reflexively by seeking self-satisfaction in life. And if this… Seek More

Understanding in Being

We have in our being an understanding of our whole nature, and a reference point for understanding the entirety of nature itself. We research things because we want to. We build things because we want the tool or means to… Seek More

The Universe is Participating in You

Now there was a reason for all my commentary on human potential earlier, because human potential is not by definition human. It is not limited to humans. Can we even state clearly what it is to be human? People always… Seek More

We Can Shape the World

In any exercise of power there is the potential for distraction. This is why they say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. To date, humanity doesn’t deal well with having very many choices. They forget where their truth and… Seek More