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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Satori or Nothing in Soul

Soul Force

Shall we get personal? Sorry I got so out there in the cosmos. I would prefer the world not become a cancer.

You are feeling beings. Every neuron is a feeling neuron. In the early stages of the bodies development, neurons are migratory. Only after reaching the destination on their chemical road map do they settle in and put out dendrites. Yet as crystalline as the nervous system looks, it’s not. It is just the swarm behaviour of our neurons. More like bees than a quartz geode. They have even found that our memories behave like bee search behaviour. It’s why people can develop multiple personality disorder. The neurons can be confused. One section sending messages to the other stating that they are not of the hive, naturally another queen emerges. Another centre forms that describes itself with another personality, but they still exist within the same probability space, the same hyperspace signal. The secondary personality is just a weird spike, like the spike human culture is creating in the earth biological rhythm.

Well, the human role in the life field is more complex than the role of neurons in our brains. They are simple organisms and I am grateful for their role and cooperating in our work, but we are meant to be more coherent than this and much more mobile than this, but like neurons we can only move according to the life processes or inherent principles of the cell body.

I wonder if coherency might inhibit mobility. It doesn’t. Coherency improves resonance. Static is what generates stasis. Stasis leads to entropy, immune reactions and apoptosis, programmed cell death.

How do we understand our own cell body? Your tendencies are your reality, and the tendencies of the world around you are your tendencies. Your eyes have a tendency to see light, and light has a tendency to emerge as eyes. You can’t just up and shift any tendency at a whim. Your life changes only holistically, not in parts. Satori or nothing. The thing is you are always having satori. It’s so common you ignore it. Your body checks in with itself at a measurable rate.

Constantly grokking? Yes, but you ignore the process at the same rate your body checks the senses. The reason your eyes exist is the same reason your neurons exist, to check on the rest of your being. Your eyes are just checking your world being. Your ears are just feeling your world rhythm.

Just think, if we could see radio waves, we could be watching the radio. We can sense magnetic field fluctuations. Science has found magnetite in our neurons, but they refuse to speculate as to its purpose.

I think, perhaps, that dreams might also be a sot of “checking.” Our dreams are waking moments, moments of lucidity. The checking is the dreaming, yet we have resisted learning, like how someone who is sleep deprived has a hard time recording long term memories from the short term region. We are not recording physical memories from the quantum region for the same reason, rest deprived. Our innate rhythms are all out of whack, are weak, the signal has become noise. Meditation can help that, especially group meditation, but we need to do more.

But the cosmos had made us for balance, right? It didn’t make us no more than your parents assembled you from a kit. You are a behaviour of the cosmos. The cosmos wants to live. It doesn’t want parts of itself to be sick, or even to be impoverished, deprived. It wants to feel fully alive. When you send a dissonant message that is pain for it.

Everyone familiar with biological psychokinesisNeurons put in the same dish will entrain to each other. They underestimate the range at which this can happen. This is why we are magnetically sensitive organisms, for the same reason sharks are, to sense the electrical fields of other life forms. Those signals are coherent and we have instinctive reactions to them. This is perhaps the reason science observes that we are hard wired, even chemically programmed to be social creatures. We are exposed to these signals even all through fetal development.

I fancy myself to be a hermit. No luck. It might cut noise but you can’t block signal.

Yeah, alas.

Well, these signals are routed, emotion is contagious, just as memes are. In fact, memes derive their meaning from that emotional energy.

Yes, emotions are very contagious like a plague, especially outrage. Yes, and the world has a badly upset stomach.

And vomiting all over itself.

We are not meant to be limited to swarm mentality. Our being is meant to be more adaptive than this. This is why even without being able to put our finger on it, we are forever asking, “Is their something more?” This is why twisted notions like an afterlife arose. If anything, there is a before life, but it’s actually a simultaneously life. Right wing religious fundamentalists are ignoring perhaps the most profound message of their divinity. Say neither look here nor look there, for the kingdom of god is among you, and they are making a hell of it.

Absolutely. It is WITHIN YOU as you! Yes. Models, plans, trumped up ideas of making a kingdom of heaven, that doesn’t exist yet, are idolatry. Another thing Christianity forbids. Many wind up worshipping not god, but the promise of heaven, and ignore the message that they are to pattern themselves after their example.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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