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The best searching will be done alone even in a marketplace of teachers, because they can’t sell you your own soul. When you see your own path clearly, then you see life differently.

How You Heal in Soul

Soul Force

So how do you heal? That’s how you would solve all problems. Does point by point analysis make you heal? Does knowing every little detail of what that cut on your hand looks like make you heal?

No. It can actually interfere with healing, cause counter-productive stress, but you do have to feel the pain, acknowledge that you feel pain. You have to know how it is you came to be hurt; where, doing what and under what conditions, and you do have to learn from that, make decisions about the behaviour that lead you to that, but what part of that is outside of yourself?

None of it. If you injure me without warning I don’t have to know your motives. I don’t have to predict your long term intentions. I have to know where you are, how you are behaving, and perhaps how you managed to injure me, and then I have to change my relationship to that. What part of that is outside of my being?

It is all your “being.”

Can I solve that problem by knowing your motive for injuring me?

No. Do I have to know why anyone would injure anyone else?

No. What is the focus of most peoples problem solving?

The supposed “other.” Trying to understand the system, even trying to understand the assumption that there is a system. We assume wholeness all the while ignoring our own. We assume unified agency where there is none. We try to know the mind of a good or evil being that isn’t there. It’s only us chickens, and in fact only us eggs.

So, you can tell what bodies you will come to wire with, be drawn into contact with, they will be checking on the same level you do.

Those that vibrate at similar frequencies? Yes. The same general wavelength fit into the same complex or domain, the same mansion of heaven, the same loka, and you can even figure out the address of the place you want to be. We all sing. What sound do you hear inside?

“In my house are many mansions” “I contain multitudes” “Nothing human is alien to me.” —- basically the same idea.

What do you feel you are? Ignore who you think you are. How do you feel the world is? What do you feel you can find? These are the truth that will become evident. The thinking, as it always does in the brain, will come after that. You will rationalize and explain to yourself why it happened, but why not get started now in giving yourself that reason?

If you feel hopeless, heal. If you feel lost, calm yourself.

If you despair? If you despair, embrace the breath, and rest the breath. Almost everybody is weeping. They pant and quiver when they breathe. Their lungs tremble and they can hardly smell a thing. Rest between breaths, take the full cycle, and then rest for a moment. Breathe when you feel it. Don’t try to feel it when you breathe. Breathe when you feel it. If you try to feel it when you breathe you deny yourself even your own being. You don’t happen because of the breath, the breath happens because of you. You need not weep. You need not struggle. You don’t have to earn the breath. You don’t have to find it. You can’t lose yourself in it, quite the opposite. The same goes in any rhythm, the heart. Stop blaming the heart. It didn’t make you fear. You are the heart, and you were in fear. Just as you can be in fear, you can be in peace only when you realize that you are the heart. Heal it. Need I go on?

The heart/breath: the base and source of compassion and for healing for ourselves, first, and also compassion for the whole cosmos.

You are also the singing mind, but people fail to find their voice there. They forget that it’s their mind that is singing, that they control the tone and lyrics. So starting with something other than the mind is easier.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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