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Empty can be good. I like space in myself, breathing room.

I Am That in Soul

Soul Force

As far as controlling your own personal soul, neurons that fire together wire together. Check those moments, and understand that “I am that.” Your problems? I am that. Your happy moments? I am that. Your successes and failures? I am that. But then you have to go further, even if you can manage to fully experience that truth, that I am that. This is where most fruit shrivels on the vine, most neurons shrivel up and die off.

Joseph Campbell “The Inner Reaches of Outer Space” – his last published work: “The purpose of every established religious institution is to PROTECT us from a god experience.” Indeed, I agree with many of his observations, a great many.

After you realize I am that, you must also accept that I must adapt. I am that and that is sick, so I must adapt. I must return to wholeness. I must get well. You have the instinct for it. You are life, and as much as many deny it, you want to live.

“Be ye therefore whole as your Father is whole.” Indeed.

People seek to solve problems. You can never solve problems. You are problems. You are solutions. Can you have a problem and be it?

I think so. If I say I am a failed cook, I separate myself from the problem.

How else can you have a problem except by being it? Claim that I can exist separate from the event and reality around it. Try to define myself as a self that can fail at cooking but is not cooking. If I am failed cooking, if I literally am failed cooking, do I have a problem?

You can’t have what you are? Exactly. Can you have shoes if you are shoes? And why do so many people behave as if they are shoes? It’s not much fun to be shoes. I prefer to be more dynamic than that. I like being failed cooking. I have been in hot cars for long periods of time. I did not cook. This is a good thing. Being failed cooking can I also be successful cooking? If I am a failed cook can I also be a successful cook?

We can be it all now? Yes. Knowing is a state of being, not doing. Solutions are states of being, as are problems. The doing is superficial. You have problems because you do problems. How is it possible to know solutions if problems can be something that occurs outside of the self? If problems are self arising events, how supposedly can we stop or solve any of them? If crap just happens, how can we do anything about it? Wouldn’t that make it a fixed law of the universe?

“Face” the “problem”? Radical acceptance? Radical acceptance and radical responsiveness. The nerve only registers what of its own nature it could sense. It can’t do anything beyond that. It can’t have problems beyond its nature, disturbances beyond its being.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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