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I don’t feel that people hurt because they are unenlightened. I feel they are unenlightened because they do not hurt.

Healing the Gap in Soul

Soul Force

Has your life not been largely defined by the vacuum created by the errors of your parents? The dereliction of meaning?

BULLSEYE! You are not fixing your parents, you are healing the gap.

I hope that the gap is healing, yes. It is. You can’t help it.

It is compounded by the damage done to siblings. You want the meaning they ignored more than you want air itself.

Yes, I want the meanings they ignored. Precisely stated. And I thank you for that.

We act as life, not as engineers. There is no us versus matter, no void that we have to fill up, just state of being, conditions of understanding, or issues of deficiency in understanding. Both are important states yet something has gone wrong. Life itself is asleep. You can be bluntly honest with me friends. Do you feel not at all numb?

Parts of me feel numb, yes. Like mitochondrial dysfunction, the energy level has dropped. This causes atavism, backward thinking, which makes life revert to its premature form, seek the undifferentiated state, unity with the zygote. Some call that zygote, god. You know what they call this when it happens in the body?

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Transformation? Cancer. Cancer cells are fetal cells, still living.

Being killed by god? Being killed by the desire of god. What brings on cancer is metabolic shock.

Desire OF God or desire FOR God? Both.

God is so needy. Yes. God is a needy baby but was meant to grow up.

The metabolic shock that causes cancer is a survival mechanism. There is a jelly fish that does what humans are trying to do successfully, but it can only do this through losing the metaphorical pound of flesh. It has to eliminate much of its old body through self triggered apoptosis (what Christianity tries to teach people to do) and then start over. Trans-differentiate its core cells back into an adult structure. It doesn’t evolve much. It’s kind hasn’t evolved in much of a detectable way for thousands of years. It’s a really successful strategy if you can call it that, no?

It promises immortality for the jellyfish. Christianity promises that to its followers also, but what causes that behaviour in the jellyfish and in our bodies is a deficiency, a lack of energy. This energy does not come from within the body itself. It does not come from within time space itself. It comes from the momentum of the hyperspace bubble that brings our bodies together in the first place, as well as allowing mobility across the field of time as we do experience it normally. Control of our own fate for lack of better words.

I’m trying to conceptualize a “hyperspace bubble.” Kline bottle, or a tesseract if you like something that feels a bit more orderly. The grid pattern is actually more informative. The crystallization behaviour is why all our behaviour seems to involve seeking and expressing agency, but things have gotten out of context. The lines of communication have been shut down. This universe has encysted itself and is provoking an immune response. It’s why things seem so unstable, but immune responses are not restricted to destruction. Immune cells have as much sophistication and adaptability as neurons do, and sometimes they just graft themselves into a tissue, onto a colony of cells, and try to send regulatory messages into the tissue to correct the metabolic error. Well, are we not seeing humans who seem to be grafted into the human species? Possessed of radically different neural architecture, divergent examples of the human species, mutations? You even have those who while their core pattern is not defined by mutation, have a predilection for mutation, and either pass it on to their offspring or experience genetic shifts at some point in their life time.

They are finding that the human genome is pretty much just as plastic as the human nervous system. This by itself is not enough, and even by itself not optimal. The memetic content needs to shift. The consciousness or culture needs to evolve, and not by simple homogenization. Globalization is just an extension of religious Zionism. They want to create the promised land so new psychic pressures are being exerted, like nerve signals, and are meant to be received and understood by the neurons in the organ. Humans, for the sake of argument. Humans are resisting the incoming information which is a shame. Mental illness is not the goal.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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