We have a root too, my friend. The mandala of the soul has a center.

Life Imitates Art in Soul

Soul Force

Why do we seek agency? Why do we form intentions? Why do we want to have our say?

Something needs a locus? Something needs attenuation, made manifest, coherent. We exist to make sense of ourselves, to make information of ourselves. We exist to communicate this information to others.

They talk about memetic interaction as if it’s more or less new, somehow just emerging, but it’s older than biological existence. Being bodies is new. Being human is the new existence, not culture, not language. We are the message, not the medium, and certainly not the agent. We have it all backward, but paradoxically we are also the agent. I can answer that old question about whether art imitates life or the reverse. I can say with confidence that it is life that imitates art, and not the reverse as much as we seem to want to live like the reverse is true. It creates the form. It is a force of agency.

Like Platonic solids ‘need’ a coherent form — first in a realm of ideas? The platonic solid consists of agency, incarnates it. To use that notion, cubes exist not because something looks like a cube behind the scenes and is only reflecting itself in our matter. The cube exists because the force or principle that behaves like a cube exists. This principle of cubes could be called a spirit, but the cube form is not its substance, certainly not its essence of real being. It’s the behaviour of the cube principle, and the cube principle interacts with other principles to give rise to even more complex manifestations of itself which would seem to be independent of the cube behaviour strictly speaking, but are not.

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A mix… Yes. This reality is a mix of the principles, and in this case I am using the term principle as a title. Precedent and president work also, forming a collective or colony of shared being adrift in a medium that itself carries the material that feeds and gives rise to these principle beings. A primordial soup of souls.

The universal common ancestor is not a distinct species that used to live epochs ago, it is transcendent. It has communion, a hyper-consciousness. This hyper-consciousness seeks the utmost in adaption. Time folds in on itself. Time space does. You are indeed in a matrix that includes all emergent unfolding forms possible, all simultaneously. Nothing is dead. All evolution happened and is happening simultaneously, including all evolution of you as an individual.

Your apparent timeline is more like a neuron than a tunnel, and like the dendrite of a neuron it is plastic, what it connects to and why it is a product of its own behaviour. Just as neurons that fire together come to link to each other, those individuals who entrain or entertain the same signals will be drawn together. And although it appears that we are born as individuals from a state of non existence, this is untrue. The transmission of information between two individuals is necessary for a third signal to entrain. Many schools of spiritual thought say things like you pick your parents. I find that superficial, even unhelpful, maybe even hurtful. What you are drawn to as an individual is the meaning that occurs when a conversation starts.

That idea puts responsibility on us for our parents’ mis-deeds. You are attracted to the space defined by the events that occurred, and no such responsibility is true, or exists. Two things happen. In the case of a being attracted to a traumatic space, that being seeks to mediate the influence of the scar created by the damaging exchange. It wasn’t commanded to by the other two individuals. It was drawn to for the greater good of life itself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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