If you wonder why and what it all means, you have a spiritual life.

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Diane Brandon

Intuition is described as immediate apprehension or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.

I refer to myself as an Integrative Intuitive Counselor because I bring additional modalities into my work, in addition to my intuition. I do individualized Guided Meditation, Regression, Dream Work/Interpretation, Natural Process Healing, and some customized exercises. My work is focused on helping others to find more fulfillment in life, live from their true essence, and be on their truest path.

I actually didn’t realize that I was intuitive until I had been working with my intuition for a few years. However, when I thought about it, in retrospect I remembered some spontaneous intuitive experiences from when I was a teen. For example, I suddenly knew the moment when my dog had died, although I was in a separate part of the house. Another experience occurred when I was in high school and my ring went flying off my hand during volleyball in P. E. The whole class failed to find it, but the next morning I just felt that I knew where it was. I parked my car and walked right to it on the volleyball court.

Even though I didn’t realize I was intuitive, I’ve been spiritually aware since birth and have always felt guided and led. (My next book that I’m working on now is about people who were born aware and remember their memories from birth or shortly thereafter.)

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In my book, Intuition for Beginners, I use numerous exercises to help readers begin to access their intuition on demand. The first exercise we do is a guided meditation, because it’s important to go to a deeper level of consciousness in order to access pure and reliable information that’s not tainted by our personal stuff. We then proceed to exercises that allow the reader to experience specific forms of intuition, such as simulated remote-viewing. I also include some advanced exercises, designed to lead readers to bypass personal stuff and receive as clear and reliable information as possible.

In my counseling sessions, I use dream interpretation and past-life regressions, among other methods.

Most of us live in a fairly restricted range of who we are and are oblivious to the fullness of our being. We identify ourselves with who we consciously think we are. However, the fullness of our being resides in our levels of our being, especially our unconscious, which is the bulk of who we are (at least as humans in our human personas and psyches). Many different aspects of ourselves reside in our unconscious, both the positive and the negative.

Among the negative is our personal stuff – our wants, fears, blocks, mind sets, old tapes, beliefs, abuse issues, etc. Our personal stuff can rule us and actually drive our behavior, unless we make it conscious and work on it and with it. There’s also a lot of richness in our unconscious – potentials we may not have recognized, as well as guidance.

Working with our dreams and understanding them is one means of befriending and working with our unconscious, which can allow us to reap its rewards, develop more of our potential, become more truly who we are, and be more fully in the driver’s seat of our lives. Dreams are a complex set of phenomena and we therefore need a sophisticated, rather than simplistic, approach to them. I’ve interpreted others’ dreams for over 40 years and know how helpful they can be once we grasp their true meanings. When the light bulb goes off, it can be richly rewarding, especially if we then work with and apply the information we’ve gained.

The full totality of our being includes not just our present persona in our present lifetime, but also the personas and experiences of our other lives. Past-life regression allows us to explore some of those other lifetimes and personas and can be used a tool for unfolding, growth, and healing (especially if there are problematic issues that stem from another lifetime).

I’ll add that accessing our higher soul awareness is also immensely rewarding. Some of my advanced intuition exercises attempt to facilitate this in readers.

There are actually different schools of thought on this on interpreting dreams. I have my own approach, which I’ve developed from interpreting and working with them for over 40 years. I started reading what material I could find on sleep and dream research back in the early 70s and this has also informed my knowledge about dreams. My approach to interpreting dreams includes a step-by-step procedure, which is outlined in Dream Interpretation for Beginners, as well as tips, recommendations, and general knowledge about our sleeping world and mind.

Some people are put off by the bizarre quality of many dreams. I must say that I’ve never encountered a bizarre dream that didn’t make perfect sense once the meaning(s) had been teased out through dream interpretation.

I’m quite big on finding the specific meanings of a dream for the person who had the dream, as I’ve found this to be the most helpful approach for personal unfolding, growth, and fulfillment. Some prefer to focus on the universal meanings. I acknowledge that there may indeed be universal meanings that can be applied to most people. However, I feel that we benefit the most from our dreams when we look at what a dream is specifically telling us.

I cover all of these topics in my book, Dream Interpretation for Beginners, which came out in March 2015.

I was previously host of Naturally Vibrant Living on Blog Talk Radio. I enjoyed doing the radio show and hosted it for about 7 years. I am a believer in the topics I covered and I assiduously read the books written by my expert guests. I learned a tremendous amount from doing the show, especially about environmental and health topics. It got to the point where the show was just taking too much time and I needed to devote time to my other work, including my intuitive work with clients and my writing.

Diane Brandon
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Diane Brandon is an Integrative intuitive counselor, whose expertise in personal growth derived from intuitive counseling work in which she increasingly found herself helping people find fulfillment in their lives.

Diane is author of Intuition for Beginners – Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities, Invisible Blueprints and Dream Interpretation for Beginners.


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