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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

What is Reality? in Resolution


With regular meditation practice, insight just comes. It isn’t from thinking, but it is hard to ‘understand’ with the thinking mind that insight can come from elsewhere. You’re using the ‘thinking’ to understand ‘not thinking‘, and this is why the spiritual practices advocate meditation to get out of the thinking to understand ‘not thinking’. There is awareness beyond cognition. Imagination is beyond cognition.

Cognition is in awareness? It is in it, yes. It is not defining of it.  What may be confusing perhaps is that you never create out of totally nothing. It isn’t possible. All imagination stems from reality even if we chose to direct it strangely. When we aren’t directing our imagination, it’s still working.

What is reality? Reality is a functionally organized paradigm for processing incoming energy and choosing expressions. Psychosis is always indicated by a disempowering paradigm. The mentally ill are always in some way restricted, thus the paranoid/anti-social elements.

But everything here, isn’t that reality? What you refer to is in fact your perception. Hence mine and yours can be different when seeing the same things. For example, some express discomfort at my “avatar” expressions in Second Life. They are comforting to me, but they have very different effects and substance between me and they. Reality on a communicable level is the herd consensus. Even in psychology a belief that is acknowledged as true in consensus is not “psychotic”.

What underlies reality? Raw consciousness. “Spirit”. The energy that makes us conscious doesn’t originate with us, not even in the elements that make up our flesh.

What is “us”? In the human sense, it’s those “minds” that can plug into the human paradigm. Thus we often dehumanize even those physical examples of the species that differ too much in consciousness from what is in the consensus. In the consciousness sense, the reality we dwell in is composed of what are referred to in metaphysics as “ents” where we get the word entity. All that exists, exists due to the organizing influence of these conscious elements.

“Form” comes to mind? If form is human then statues and photos are human?

Is it not that the whole universe is conscious, and all things connected and also conscious on different levels, but we can only perceive a fraction of that consciousness? Yes. To a quartz, humans are like a strange force of nature. We only perceive a fraction because the matter of our forms has a limited range of energetic sensitivity and our self awareness is rather poor so we can modulate only to a limited degree if at all. Nor are we receptive to the carrier waves that would allow our range to be expanded. In the process of entropy, patterns are preserved so though one form may break down the “information” is communicated to the new medium. This break down is ‘death‘.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “What is Reality?”

  1. Ina

    Are there also ways in which we “practice” reality that can be learned and unlearned?
    Like if I choose to view events that enter my horizon as something I created or attracted to enrich my understanding and compassion, does it not become so? Then suffering transforms into the inquisitive “why would I?” (choose that to be so), and one is empowered by the sheer temptation of curiosity: to understand how the “Higher self” thinks, you have to become it.
    Does this not bring us closer to raw consiousness, “spirit”, and farther from attachment?

    • Travis

      Yes, spiritual progress follows stages though they aren’t qualitatively better or worse. The enlightened teacher is not better than the profane monster. As you confront each and every stage that transformative process can happen if you allow it and ultimately you will model great peace to any you meet and even the lowest will be uplifted. Though you will not be uplifted by scorning anything you may judge as low.

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