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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Character and Vision in Resolution


We incarnate in a particular form which has a particular receiving mechanism, and beyond that we cannot comprehend.  The form serves for a time until the tolerance of the receiving mechanism is exceeded. We are not in fact limited directly by that, but the insights necessary to exceed that limit, to “overclock” our system, seem in short supply or aversive to those who might be candidates.

I have heard that it is that particular element that we are receiving that we need to work on in this incarnation? Towards what are we working? Alignment, yet it has been given a lot of names.  There is an underlying base line vibration that is in scientific terms only describable as a singularity. Speed beyond the limits of time/space, or to use the terms of theology, the three qualities of the absolute; omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.

Where do these reside? There center is literally everywhere and is why everything exists. There is no circumference. Space is irrelevant, so there can be no boundary.

Are we not each our own axis mundi? We are indeed that. We are individuated for a reason. It is in order. We are all the center of our own universe and in contact with all universes, thus we can choose at all. We are in contact with both the “I am this universe” and the “I am that universe”.

How I can choose it all or just portions? We can choose, because it’s all real. Balance, mixing and matching. This is what imagination is, the “blood flow” of these universes. I can control my blood flow. I cannot stop it. Its nature is to flow and feed my biological system, but I can direct its disposition. Mind and not mentation.

Where does imagination reside? The manas, the akashic record, the great wheel, the dreamtime. There have been a lot of names for it, but that is where the imagination resides. It would be in what is commonly referred to as the minds eye.

I just realized. I have been “allowing” the universe to direct my path without much interference from me. How did that go? The universe is no respecter of persons, my friend. The universe is persons and treats people like they treat themselves.

Where does one learn to treat themselves? You can see what you are. The Sage Patanjali said the first and most important insight is to abstain from false identification. As a matter of fact, with that insight, he said the rest are sort of dispensable. In the Greek traditions it was simply stated “know thyself”. You begin behaving toward yourself as you do in imagining what self is. Dehumanize yourself in imagination, and you need experience little more abuse.

Resilient people are resilient, strong people are strong, because of how they imagine themselves. Persuasive people are most persuasive when they are persuaded themselves.

Or that’s how they have to be? “Have to be” is debatable. Things are too mutable for the phrase “have to be” to have any substance. Belief is not something you can do. You believe when you have stopped doing.

Example. A 5 year old child in charge of younger kid. Parents gone and the 5 year old does what is within their capability to do. Where does that come from? Where does a little kid get that strength and resolution to do what is necessary? They are whole, and there are little kids who don’t. They exist as individuals and as part of a system. In their youth their power of choice isn’t fully developed, but it is there and they operate from intuitive understanding. They can intuit that they have little or no chance. Some are strong and resourceful, and some are not. Some have strength of character and vision, and some do not.  We are all individual beings although connected.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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