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You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

Imaginative Resolution in Resolution


Many people find the concept of resolution really confusing, or feel there is something wrong with them because it just doesn’t seem to work. It’s really pretty simple as most things are when you see the way of them. You resolve to do things all the time. It’s plain and simple decision making. Eat or don’t eat? For most of us this isn’t very complicated. What doesn’t usually get carried over is the understanding. How are you when you make the most simple decisions? We usually spend a lot of time thinking up a goal for the coming year, sometimes very hard. I have seen people have anxiety attacks over it.

In all likelihood if asked what you were thinking you would respond “nothing”. Which is in a sense true, because the process of thinking or “cognition” is pretty limited, and doesn’t actually help us much with doing does it? Even when we are driving our car, “thinking” too much can actually get in our way, even endanger us. When people seek a resolution they seek it from thinking. They think it out and get what they feel is a logical goal and this is usually a sort of sad failure isn’t it? Our “heart isn’t in it”. There are even reality TV programs that capitalize on this one simple truth, whenever your imagination and your thinking are in conflict, your imagination inevitably wins. We think. We analyze. We plan. But when we do things that all stops, or if it doesn’t stop then we trip ourselves up. Is this not so?

We tell ourselves ‘I can’t do that‘ and imagine all the reason why we can’t do that. We imagine how people will react when we don’t do that, or how we will feel when we fail. What usually happens?

My imagination says buy a winning lottery ticket, but logic seems to win that one? In the lottery ticket scenario you are likely imagining that you will buy and win nothing. It’s your thinking that says “well, maybe”.  Am I wrong? Imagination is not thinking, not as we define thinking, and it works even if we don’t make it work. Your mind works all the time, even when you can honestly say you are thinking nothing, the brain literally never sleeps.

When I play the lottery, I often win money. Several hundred dollars at a time, once back to back. You likely have strong intuition that surfaces in a way that people tell you is “just imagination” do you not?

Is there really a difference between the imagination and the thinking process? It’s all a chemical process in the brain to me. Your thinking is a deliberate process of assessment and calculation and is often wrong. If it‘s all a chemical process then why does it have any order? If it’s just an electrochemical mess, why can you think at all? If there is nothing behind the mind, then how can we say “I am” or “it is” at all?

But feelings and imagination are on the same level? Yes, that’s right. Feelings and imagination are on the same level. Thinking isn’t on their level, and what do we do more often than not? What we think, or what we feel? And what moves our feelings? Our thinking?

What do you imagine the next year will be like for you? I don’t mean what do you think will happen. That often doesn’t, does it? But if your relationship is in crisis, you might very well imagine it ending. Pretty likely to happen huh? If your employment is shaky, you might be imagining getting fired. Pretty much a done deal isn’t it?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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