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The future is an ever shifting pageant of shadow puppets that darken as light shines more directly on them.

See Yourself in Anxiety


There is no them, and since there is no them why not get a better image of us? Why even think over long on the idea of there being no them? There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who think there are two kinds of people, and those who don’t. There is a third. Ones who don’t think on that question at all.

I prefer to see myself. I am quite narcissistic that way. It makes my life better, and I’m quite hooked on self knowledge. I always see myself. If arguing with another, I see myself. If choosing to eat, I see myself. In deciding I’m not hungry, I see myself. In seeing my memory, I see myself. In seeing the world it came from, I see myself. In seeing who I love, I see myself. In seeing who I don’t love, I see myself. In hurting another, I hurt myself. If I laugh at you, I laugh at myself, because it was I who saw the humour. Peoples views of me are my view of myself. Their desires regarding me are my desires, if not they would disengage. There are shades of disengagement, but there is always a link, or they wouldn’t be present for any functional purpose.

Life has layers, but the truth stated still holds true. It’s just not a simple binary truth and no truth is. The world doesn’t operate in absolutes, even in that there aren’t absolutes. That isn’t absolutely true, because our absolutist thinking is very real. So we make it true. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Which means everything. Even negative reactions to what you chose.

Why not take our imaginations back? Even from being focused on how they are wrong? Why not humour ourselves, and decide something is right just because we can? Sound crazy does it? I promise you do and will anyway, even if it’s just to decide that it’s right to deny that anything is right, but in that case you are reacting to everything. Now that seems bonkers to me.

Guesses? Maybe knowing we guess is an ultimate truth? Maybe wisdom is doing that on purpose?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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