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I will say I worship nothing, and yet I love a lot more. Love is very simple. There is a process of affinity. A natural sense of connectedness to life and those we encounter. It varies a lot and we can deliberately engage it.

Language of Fear in Anxiety


Life is communication. I don’t speak the language, so I have had to pantomime. People aren’t very observant, or they choose not to see or hear. Poor choice. I’m often pointing out a self destruct. If there isn’t any danger then I let them move about as they have not chosen to do. I let people believe what they choose or didn’t choose really. They defend that non choice quite viciously, and I’m only semi masochistic.

Getting lost in debates is very human, and they are usually internal. So let’s be animals. I like that. No debate, no controversy, just being and doing and living and thriving. Sounds good to me. They know instinctively when to walk away from a fight, and aren’t shamed after. They don’t even pay it much mind. No anxiety about what if they had that food, they just go find more food.

War is fear. Fear is war. Fear is war on self and we lose. We are so concerned about getting what we want we fight ourselves off from our own food. Fear isn’t bad, our ideas of fear are bad. How often do you experience instinctive fear? Some people never do. Instinctive fear is sane, and it can be argued we even need it. So not experiencing the instinct we fabricate fears, and man those are psycho. Our men have become weak, our women objects. The dynamic that would have stimulated us socially is gone, so we make up things that aren’t even there.

There is a reason violent offences committed by women are going up. It’s the tension of their natures blowing up. Too much time saying women shouldn’t be aggressive. There is a reason our men have grown weak. They are burned out from being in control. Without what feeds the motivation, they become minds with no instincts. Women generally stay in touch with their instincts, but get calcified in rules. Fossilized objects. The men aren’t enforcing the objectification anymore.

Finding your opposite self is valuable, vital even. Genetically you are only your gender by a margin of one percentage point. All of your genome actualizes and affects your development. Why supposedly are we to live as only half of what we are? Men can learn why they do what they do. Desire from embracing their feminine half, the unio mentalis, the inner spiritual marriage. It can be both a very uniting experience, and a very alienating one. Having achieved it you become unlike most, and any bonding would really only work fully with someone who sees likewise.

You are achieving the doing, so it was always achieved. Take joy in the doing. Then in that freedom you see you are free to choose from the world, and make the choices knowingly. If you choose not to choose is a choice. Though since you’re here, why choose not to choose?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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