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The consensus reality is the lie.

Soul Mates in Unity

Soul Mates

Soul mates are true, but overlooked by many. Your soul mate isn’t your other half necessarily, but there is a spiritual force that pairs people.

Even if they are your other half we fight with ourselves, so why wouldn’t our soul mate fight with us? People describe their relationships as hell and heaven at the same time. However, they aren’t separate planes. It is all in attitude of approach.

It is more about stopping the resistance to the chaos and pain so the perspective shifts. Allowing the connection to be what it is naturally. Not having to have it a certain way. When you allow that natural growth, it goes much farther than any deliberate creation on either partners part.

They can bring you to a much higher plane. When duality is seen through, then that is bliss. Mirror opposites of each other, and yet meet in the middle and dance divinely. There are all kinds of soul mates, and it’s about letting each be what they are. You be what the situation allows you to be. You grow together no matter what that involves.

I don’t like illusion, which makes me a good illusionist. So I use what’s there to take it all apart. That is often not appreciated. Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

Read more on the Transmigration of Souls. Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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