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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Soul Imprints in Transmigration


Can a past soul get imprinted onto more then one newly incarnated souls? Hence many people have been that famous person from the past? Their imprint can be shared between individuals, yes. But the soul, no. The soul just serves to guide those people. This is why guides often seem to come and go in peoples experience.

Perhaps that shared imprint makes someone a soul mate? Indeed it can, and some imprints form sets. So, though the imprints are separate, they are karmically linked or “coupled”.

Each soul is unique? Yes. Each soul is unique. What you know of them is the shared imprint.

You feel as if you have known that person for years, or in a past life, when in fact you may have only met hours ago? Yes. You do have genuine common ground. The shared experience is not relevant on the soul level, as all souls share completely with each other.

No wonder it feels so crowded in my brain. You have a whole world in there, though some are more sensitive to that than others.

Does anything determine how many souls get one other souls imprint? Perhaps, that life’s karmic weight and therefore it needs more resolution? Each imprint forms part of a fabric in the collective mind, and each soul can come to observe the imprint of that past life. If they achieve identification with that imprint, they will incarnate with it. Though often only partially, having identified with only part of that life experience.

There are souls that act as agents to guide those who would reincarnate. They are qualified to do this as they have experienced a great range of imprints. Even coming to embody the essence that governs the potential for those events in life. These event entities are often seen as Gods or Buddhas, or some such, but don’t have any special model for themselves beyond their field of existence and operation. These entities do even themselves sometimes incarnate. Either to explore a new stream of experience related to their being as a “full incarnation”, or incarnating as a partially immersed being called by a word that originated in eastern mysticism, as an “Avatar”. But be the soul a God, or an unawakened being, they all exist as equals in the spirit state.

So from the time a person dies, how long does it take for the soul to leave the body and start imprinting? The imprint happens at the moment of death, and often is mind altering when the person returns from being medically resuscitated. They often lose their ability to see their life experience in the original way, because the imprint they are connected to still lingers in the spirit. But even if they truly die, they linger for a time in a dream like state of consciousness where they review until they “wake up”. Which either means they awaken and remain in spirit, or they reincarnate. The degree to which the new soul feels a sense of identification with the imprint.

Ah, so the near death is not really them seeing “heaven” per say, it is that imprinting process? Yes. This is what is meant by “transmigration of souls”. Same road followed by many people, but they aren’t all on it at the same time. The road is remade.

So souls are recycled? Broken down and made new? The souls cannot be broken as they never were “fixed” in the first place.

What governs which imprint a new soul gets? It’s like a lottery ball machine. All spinning until their number is called? No. It’s choice, but not choice in a dualistic sense. You incarnate where your soul “fits”, and time is not relevant.

There is not one single world but many. You will incarnate in the variant of the world that suits you best, and you will experience deja vu because your soul experienced the gestalt imprint of that experience and location. The imprint carriers all of the “maybe” choices, all the what ifs. Other souls choose to explore these what ifs, where the other soul explored what was.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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