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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home in Transmigration


Do advanced souls ever go into trees or stones? They do, yes. These advanced souls are called Devas. Their elders (known by some as “Archons”) occupy structures such as the sun and our planet itself. The Archons normally don’t concern themselves with things on a human level. That’s more a thing for Devas to do, but the Archons are disturbed by the human trend and are leading the Devas in attempting to educate humanity. If this fails, then there will need to be a massive starting over. There has been before.

I think the earth is called Gaia. Is that the Archon? Gaia is an Archon, yes. As is the one the Egyptians called Ra. Set is a dwarf star that moved on a while ago, but might be called back. Is in the process of it actually. This is why the solar activity is getting so loud.

It is hard for me to not think of the earth as a goddess like spirit. She’s starting to fight back all the destruction we have been giving her. It’s hard, because it’s a stretch. Gaia is a mother figure and has help. This is why we have been getting the warning, “Wait till your father gets home”, and they are noticing fluctuations in the earth magnetosphere. This is why people in more southerly reaches of Canada were able to see the aurora and the reason for that fireball a while back.

Does father get home in 2012? Yes, but it may just be for a lecture. It can be quite mild.

How did we lose the key of the earth song so badly? Just lazy? Lazy and selfish. This is why there is so much anger. The reason was petty. Had it been a teachable shift things would not have gone like this, but humanity have been spoiled brats.

That was the image I had in mind. Well, it certainly proves that free will exists, at least so far. It will exist even when it seems to be compromised, because the length and degree of its deprivation would be decided by us.

We have free will in a prison cell, just less ways to actualize it. Yes. Earth can be a warm and loving home or a sterile and cold penitentiary, but if it goes into lock-down the tone of its keepers will change. The Mother will not be bound to care for us. Absu will rise to fill our lungs with venom as he twists our bodies. Devour us to regurgitate us and devour us again. This could be the way of earth if we reject the Mother. Absu in English is the word “abyss”. To paraphrase the Bible, “The beast shall wander the face of the earth seeking whom he may devour.” If this comes to pass, it will not be unfair.

Gaia has a sister (known by many names and titles), but sister could be called brother as this being is not governed by duality. It is symbolized by a bird and has been in many cultures. Specifically a fiery bird. This being is the keeper of sanctuary for those deserving of salvation from the beast.

A phoenix? Yes. Even in obscure Christian texts, Jesus doesn’t say I go into my fathers house. But instead says he was going into the paradise which was kept by the wielder of the flaming sword. The guardian of Eden. The symbolism of the blessed one is getting more and more common. People are subconsciously sensing the coming of the fire bird.

So Gaia is good to us if we are good to her in return? Yes, it is that simple.

And she is selective? Yes and no. She responds to changes in biomes, fields of life, but has a more precise influence in that she has shaped our forms to thrive better when we respect her. Sort of a proactive cookie jar reward.

Evolution again? Yes, and with evolution greater freedom like giving an older child more freedom.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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