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One reaches romantic maturity when they have accepted their “opposite” side and instead of looking for their opposite, they look for the truely “other”.

Soul Screams in Transmigration


Even if you are murdered, that is still part of your souls “plan”? Yes and no. Sometimes there are souls who run so dissonant to the song that they temporarily have to be put on mute. The murderers are immersed into a part of the earth song that could be compared to white noise. A sort of “scream” the earth makes, and when they are there, they are instructed in the pattern they set up. Shown exactly what it did and is doing to reality before they are allowed to finally “die”, much as their victims did, and return to earth reality. They cannot be seen or heard because they are muted by the world scream. They are not in the world tree. They are beneath its roots in the keeping of the “serpent”, and the world scream gets its energy from their soul screams.

Do you speak of the killer or the one who was killed? Never the one who was killed. The innocent are met by “healers”. The killer is drawn into the real the Greeks called Tarterus, and the Romans Pluton, the ancient Israelis called it Gehena. Where they are given into the custody of guides that have been called the “Furies”, or by the ancient Christians the “Kindly Ones”, who instruct them in what “evil” actually teaches them.

And is that even if you kill to defend yourself or someone else? Killing in defence, no. You do not plan to defend yourself. It takes the intent and notion that you have the power to destroy to send you there. Thus why it is said in the Bhagavad Gita (a holy text of Hinduism), “The slayer who thinks he slays is slain”, and they would not be bound by that choice to defend an innocent.

There is a principle of the spirit that applies. “I am bound by what I bind. I am contained by what I contain.” You are contained by the will to kill. One who defends has no will to kill. They have a will to peace. In the pit, the one with the will to kill is killed until they developed the will to die. Then they die until they find the will to love.

Aye, it’s all about living and learning. And for some that’s the hard way, and they wind up having to start over. No one gets to jump ahead. A self declared god becomes lower than the stones. The stones themselves are greater than such a misguided soul and take to that souls instruction where they teach patience and accepting what is.

This is why stone structures so commonly become “haunted”, old castles and such. Some are given into the keeping of the stones where they meet an immutable teacher. This is why haunting events repeat, and the haunt seems to have no free will. They are made to relive their memories again and again. Though the victim is a memory of the stone itself and the victim is not actually there.

The spirits are his teachers then? Yes. The stones being a “living in the world for dummies” level of teacher, and stones also meditate. This is why holy places feel like they are praying, or singing, or chanting, or whatever. Even the Bible says, though I must paraphrase, “If there were no men in the world the stones themselves would sing Gods praise.” It’s true. What gets confused is the human notion of God, is all.

So just because no one can hear it doesn’t mean the song isn’t there. Exactly.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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