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The act of speaking to spirits doesnt change the spirits. It changes you. Act as if you were they, and you will have their power.

Walking The Songline in Transmigration


When you mention meeting other souls when we die, do you recognise the souls of your loved ones that passed away before you, family and spouses for instance? You do, and many past loved ones as well. Thus the Native Americans spoke not of Grandma but “The Grandmothers“. They had a gift for not embellishing their experience of the spirit realm.

They may stay there to observe loved ones complete their cycle before they incarnate again? Yes. There isn’t a bus schedule that forms for souls, and in fact, they don’t even need to time travel or anything, there being no time. It’s all just a big map, and they just do what the Australian aborigines called “walking the songline” to return to the world where they need to.

Wow. So you can not really say that you didn’t choose to be born, because you kind of did. Exactly.

Changes made to the infrastructure there affect our world. This is why the aborigines felt it so very important to respect the “heroes”. The great spirits that originally formed the world, and imprints here add to the energy they use. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

What determines what imprints we resonate with most? Our experiences or perhaps just our interest/personality? Interest/personality. But you retain a resonance “memory” of sorts. Your soul carries echoes of other existences, so you seek to enter the new world in places where your resonance would strengthen and nourish that reality.

So say you existed in a dimension of all thought energy, you would seek to enter earth in places where you could strengthen the process of thought in this world. Where as if you lived in a dimension of great material complexity, you would choose to enter the earth reality in a place of great physical instability so you could contribute a diversity to its physical outcomes, as these would be the things that would make the most sense to you.

We’re like a carrier wave. A unique wave, but with shared waves on top? Exactly. You resonate the part of the song that speaks to you, and well… Some are born to die before too long. They liked the heart beat of earth. Some are born to live beyond what are considered normal years, because they sought to “carry the melody”, adding depth to the flow of those event matrixes. These souls have a depth mentality. Their lives often being very dramatic while incarnated, and they often go on to serve as “bodhisattvas”, or enlightened ones, who return to incarnation to continue carrying that part of the song as tones in it are seen as being transcendent. This is why they describe songs as “Being in the key of C.” Earth has its own key, and its key keepers.

No accidental death? Sometimes there are off key incidents. These people are shocked to find they snap right back into a new life. They are not allowed to break the thread.

I imagine that’s why suicide is a sin. You’re not allowed to break the thread? You are not allowed to break the thread, not your own and no one else’s either, not deliberately that is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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