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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

Age Of The Soul in Transmigration


Is each incarnating soul new, but some more experienced souls come back again? Or are all souls new with more or less imprinting? Some more experienced souls do return, and some move outside of the earth domain all together.

If you have an old soul, does that mean it’s a more experienced one? Yes. Can you elaborate on “new” vs. “old”? Souls don’t retain experience as humans know it, because the context and format of experience relies on a neural architecture they do not have. But they develop a resonance that grows more complex as they delve into incarnation, either growing more in tune with the earth “song” or more dissonant with it. As this soul “song” gets more complex, the returning soul shows innate traits that have nothing to do directly with the growth and maturation process. Knowledge that seems to have nothing to do with experience as anyone knows it, but does show up as insight into how the world works. Newer souls are just entering the “frequency” of the earth domain, like having the beat of the song but not the tones. Enough synching to actually be in the earth domain, but not enough to allow them to “dance” to the earth song with much grace.

Where do new souls come from? Does the soul come first or does the life come first? The soul comes first. In fact, all lives are actually illusory. More like movies than real manifestations of reality. A play of light and shadow reflecting the spirit plane.

So age is relative, because souls are all one substance? Exactly. Age of a soul is just a descriptive factor for how “ripe” you might be on the earth tree, nothing more.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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