Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

God Is Right Here in Gnosis


To thine own self be true is not advice to be a libertine. There is only one Tao, but the tao is infinite in its manifestations.

Am I religious? I don’t look for God. God is right here. I am knowingly religious in that I do use techniques to explore myself and my relationship to the universe. (The word religion comes from the Latin religio meaning a body of practices.) I do not pray. I contemplate. Contemplative meditations is an awareness exercise with an object. Basically, a practice.

The word religion doesn’t really have much meaning. A Buddhist can say they are religious even without a God. But Buddhism teaches that definitions like that are empty of something that is inherently changeable. They are about experience first, they use words after. Religion is also just expanded ego for many people. They may be Christian so supposedly they are good people and everyone else is bad.

You can find depth anywhere. You find it to the degree that you find depth in yourself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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