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Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

Food Energies in Food Magick

Food Magic

Is color a primary way to identify foods and purpose? Color and smell. This was how alchemists worked too actually, and how many of our modern chemicals got a lot of their descriptive terms assigned. Some rather poisonous fluids smell like water. But yes, as I compared them earlier to shamanism, anything in your cooking can be said to have a personality or “spirit”, and you are creating a relationship to the person when you feed anything to them. You either create an alliance, or a conflict. Like for most people when they are moody, should you feed them a blue food? Blueberries, and beverages, juices, but it wouldn’t be good except for some people who go to anger when they are feeling down. Giving them grape juice is a good idea, or blue corn chips would be very supportive.

Because blue is a soothing color? Because it’s a “sensitive” color, and angry people remain in angry energy because they are blocked. For someone of an already sensitive disposition, you should serve them yellow food, or very brown food like chocolate. Introducing sunny or earth qualities.

Grounding? Oh, lightening, and mixing both can be good. Grounding and lightening. Beans and corn bread is a very good calming meal. It gives strength when one feels lost and fearful.

Now lets say you have a very dynamic friend, but they haven’t been themselves. Would you want to feed them beans and cornbread to restore them?

They might need the chilli. Spicy would be better? Spicy or tangy, even slightly bitter, and yes chilli would work for them.

Orange juice? Yes, orange juice would too, or a slightly bitter tea. Green wouldn’t help, but black would.

Vinaigrette laced coleslaw? Yes, the slaw would help.

The energies you see in people are in food also, and they are the exact same energies. I made reference to using food magic for personal growth, does anyone have a personal growth project they would like to share? Any change you would want to induce in yourself for personal betterment?

Becoming more adventurous? For becoming more adventurous, it would be best to avoid sweets. Sweets, and those of a “sweet disposition” like to stay exactly where they are. Stimulating food is good for feeding adventurousness in you, as well as strong tastes. It‘s best to avoid simple bread products, but rye would be good.

The cookies and ice cream when depressed is just aggravating your condition and keeping you stuck? Hmm, the ice cream isn’t, but cookies would be.

Radiating joy within and with out? To feed a peaceful joyful message in you, consume very simple things. Light fruits, milk, mild flavoured honey, liquorice tea works wonders for grounding and lightening as well. This will make the joy you radiate seem more tangible.

Liquorice tea would be a stimulative? Yes, it’s mildly stimulative, and mild things are best for radiating a peaceful joy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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