'Runes' Chapter

Jera Rune

Runemal was reserved for the wise people. It wasn’t taught to everyone in the tribe as it was believed the runes held spirits. Contemplation of runes was communion with the spirits, and this contemplation wasn’t confined to the casting of lots, but involved ritual sites with markers bearing runic script as well as the recordings on tribal relics. It was thought that by having the proper runes craft into your tools and clothing, you could balance the influence of your luck.

Individual runes have special meanings, and their meanings are much like the Chinese hexagrams from the i-ching. They have a seasonal correspondence. They also are connected to elements of nature and the environment. They even have numeric values. So you could do a runic numerology if you were so inclined.

Runes: Berkana | Thurisaz | Tyr | Perth | Othila | Laguz | Jera

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“Love conquers all; let us too yield to love.” Norse Runes 1150-1350

Ancient Runes Script

Today we are talking about the runes. They are ancient to the point of prehistoric. The only thing necessary for something to be prehistoric is for it to have had its advent before written history. The first instances of runes… Seek More

Communion with the Spirits

They say in conventional scientific circles that we perceive figures and patterns where there are supposedly no such thing. So as they began to discover the runes, the word rune itself roughly translates as “mystery”. It likely felt as if… Seek More

Balance Your Karma with Symbol

Could you cast runes, not just to predict the future, but to manipulate it? Actually, they were not usually cast to predict the future. It can be cast for that purpose. It’s not invalid. It just wasn’t their most common… Seek More

Use of Runes

Are there standard methods to use when casting runes, or a wide variety? A wide variety. It was heavily influenced by the inspiration of the runemal practitioner as well as their traditional training. As long as the understanding of the… Seek More

Rune of Beginnings

Shall we discuss rune magick? The word rune roughly translates as mystery. The reason you don’t hear about rune magick much is it doesn’t provide concrete projects for people to do. It is not related to specific rituals or practices.… Seek More

Rune Symbolism

The symbolism is necessary to understand as we begin to discuss rune magick, but it isn’t sufficient by itself. Rune magick is contemplative rather than ritualistic which is why you rarely hear about it. People prefer collections of things to… Seek More

Use of Berkana

Shall we discuss the use of this berkana rune? Well, first you would either create or acquire a rune item to serve as a focus or reminder of your intentions regarding this rune, and while you are using this rune… Seek More

Cycles in Rune Magick

You don’t need to purchase anything strange or expensive to benefit from rune magick. Though you might like to own a nice bit of jewellery or something with your rune on it, you can get the benefits of rune craft… Seek More

Giant Symbolism in Thurisaz

Shall we discuss today’s rune magick topic of Thurisaz? I will go back over the basics. It’s not actually super complicated or anything. Rune magick uses a rune or small group of runes as an attentional focus, and the purpose… Seek More

Thor’s Hammer Symbolism

Now Thor’s hammer… You can run up against the thorns at any time, be confronted by your giants for no reason you can determine. I think we experience this routinely, is this not so? Thor’s hammer is the same as… Seek More