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The alienation of sudden death tends to warp the mind of the recently departed. The desire for the life they lost is heartbreaking, maddening even.

Thor and Freia in Thurisaz

Thiuraz Rune

Thurisaz is pretty elemental, isn’t it? It is elemental. All of the runes are really. They are the elemental script of reality. They have even influenced the shape of English language characters as well.

Would thurisaz have a “th” sound? It does. That character by itself stands in for that combination of letter in English so it doesn’t have a single letter equivalent.

That guy Thor is Freia’s sweetie. They go way back. Actually, Thor and Freia have a mixed relationship. She at times has reason to take issue with him. Thor is at heart an honest and good warrior, but he has bouts of blind zealotry. Freia is every bit as powerful a warrior as Thor, but is not such a creature of conflict as Thor. She is a voice of reason in the face of Thor’s disruptive liberation. She is the one who has to tell him to leave well enough alone.

Well, she tries. Yes, being generally gentle, Thor often foolishly ignores her which is where Odin has to step in.

I ponder the word “Thursday.” Thursday and Friday. One always chasing after the other through the week. It is the source of Thursday and Friday.

Interesting bit of lore, who would you think is the Norse god of war? Some would think Thor but it is indeed Odin. Thor is actually their god of the sky and fertility, life force.

Odin is not given to the random acts that Thor is. No, he is not inclined to the impulsiveness of Thor. Odin’s is a harsh experience born wisdom. The rune that symbolizes disruption also symbolizes Odin’s horse. War is the force that takes revolutionary idealism down a peg.

The word for being wise to the Norse was wyrd. This is why Shakespeare spoke of the weird sisters. Wyrd and wierd are pronounced the same way.

So Freia is a twisted sister. Perhaps. Funny thing, the most gnarled wood was considered the most powerful. The most twisted wood tends to be the hardest and the most likely to survive random fires.

Yes, pines fall over easily in a strong wind, too straight and tall. My dad was on a logging project that involved that, Mount Saint Helens. They didn’t have to fell a single tree. They were all flat, all of them. I’m originally from that region myself.

I will do all the runes over time, but they are almost all of them worth covering. The only one I don’t intend to cover is the “blank” rune which I view as an affectation and historically was only added late in the process anyway.

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