'Thurisaz' Chapter

Thiuraz Rune

People devote their energy to thurisaz in an effort to understand conflict and crisis. One would dedicate their path to this rune even outside of crisis when they reach the understanding that every moment is mortal, every choice is a chance for world shaking opportunity, Thor’s thunder. They would also dedicate their paths to this rune as a way of tempering their own passions, and more specifically their arrogance and hubris.

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Giant Symbolism in Thurisaz

Shall we discuss today’s rune magick topic of Thurisaz? I will go back over the basics. It’s not actually super complicated or anything. Rune magick uses a rune or small group of runes as an attentional focus, and the purpose… Seek More

Thor’s Hammer Symbolism

Now Thor’s hammer… You can run up against the thorns at any time, be confronted by your giants for no reason you can determine. I think we experience this routinely, is this not so? Thor’s hammer is the same as… Seek More

Use of Thurisaz

As far as rune crafting goes, you incorporate this rune into anything and anywhere you feel it’s especially important to be mindful. In this aspect the rune is protective. Thor’s hammer is also akin to Damocles’ sword. It strokes both… Seek More

Thor and Freia

Thurisaz is pretty elemental, isn’t it? It is elemental. All of the runes are really. They are the elemental script of reality. They have even influenced the shape of English language characters as well. Would thurisaz have a “th” sound?… Seek More