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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Rhythm is Gonna Get You in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

Today we are talking about the fae and their role in fate. I will do my best to clarify anything as we go along. It’s going to be a twisted walk through the hedges so to speak.

The world dreams. It has always dreamed, and like our own dreams differ from our waking life, the world’s dreams differ from its material existence. But, the two domains or realms of experience are NOT separate. In our waking lives, reality follows an almost mechanical set of rules, principles that can be deduced by intuitive reflection as well as scientific inquiry, and both have been occurring all along even in our modern era where science is favoured.

Have you ever heard the term, “unwritten rule”? Well, these unwritten rules are the basis ideally of any form of so called occult knowledge. This is why they are occult or hidden in the first place. Occult means hidden from sight, obscured from open view, nothing more or less.

Well, as I said earlier, the world dreams, and just as we don’t dictate the content of our dreams, the behaviour of the world dream follows paths that would seem unthinkable if we try to compare them to physical world rationality. Our own minds produce associations that seem to make no sense at all when we wake. The world dream likewise combines information in ways that if they were made materially manifest would seem strange if not outright insane to our thought. This is why our brains have evolved to be so selective in what we perceive and how.

The energy of the world dream, and the slower energy as different as they seem, are just different octaves of the same overall sound. Like a song, the world dream being the melody, the material world being the rhythm, and as they say “the rhythm is gonna get you.” It’s contagious, entrains the overall structure of the world dream around us, gives structure as a loose sort of form to what would not have an intelligible form.

So though there are other parts of the great work, or magnum opus, that is the logos or “word of god” as some call it, rhythm is anchoring for us as well as the spirits that live alongside us. It’s actually why language has so much power, not because of its energy, but because of its rhythm, its structure.

Maybe the first rhythm you hear is your mother’s heart beat and her breathing? Actually, the first rhythm you hear is the world pulse. You pick it up in a synesthetic fashion. Humanities first sense to develop is touch, so you feel it and see it as flashes of color as well as hear it in a sense. We become entrained to the world, and when we become aware of our first “other” it’s an unconceivable thing. Becoming aware of mother is like becoming aware of god.

The world combines energy to form our bodies, and the world combines its energy of awareness. The processes differ from each other only in context. They follow different “operating systems.”

Is this multi-level realities? Yes, though all occurring in the one overarching reality. Ultimately, both facets playing out their behaviour as reflections of the same whole presence. As humanity could be said to be the characters of the material world story, there are complex, surreal beings that form the characters of the world dream, mid-summer night’s dream (if that makes sense?) though the dream is not confined to any specific season.

These beings are typically dismissed as figments of human imagination, but just as we draw out energy and matter from a whole suite of sources in our physical environment, they draw their own energy from a variety of sources as well. They are as independent in their own being as we are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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