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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Fae Relationship with Human in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

The forms things take here for the fae seem terrifying, unnaturally limited and limiting. They struggle to make sense of presences here as being living things at all. This is part of why their behaviour seems to lack empathy from a human point of view, lack compassion. Our horrors are their walks in the park. Why wouldn’t you want to have that nightmare? They honestly don’t know.

I look like a toaster to the fae? Indeed, you do, though more like a rabbits foot, or a four leaf clover. Technology hasn’t really made the cross over yet, though it’s beginning to.

They see me as a severed limb? Actually, yes they do, and like seeing a random severed limb, they are taken aback by the possible meaning, the significance of your presence. Their interactions with each other give rise to animal and elemental behaviour in our world, as well as human behaviour.

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I am gruesome, but good luck for them. Indeed. They need you, even if they don’t understand you, but they need the other parts of the collection as well. This is why they manipulate various humans into strange meetings and interactions. They are trying to mix and match to see if they can produce a preferred outcome.

Like what kind of meetings? Those that seem “fated.” They are usually full of pathos and emotional energy, and of course make little or no sense to us. We don’t know why we are in the relationship, or behaving like that with that one specific person.

We are more valuable if you don’t take us out of the package. They would argue with that. Some believe as you stated, and think humans are more valuable “in the package”, in their little reality bubble. Others are more than happy to rip you right out of your package, also known as your mind.

Are we like science experiments to them? They can’t wait to play with us. Yes, though just as humans who shoplift are the exception more than the rule, so is it with the fae. They have an economy they honour, a basis of exchange. They deal in promises, agreements. That is their currency. This is why all the legends speak of promises when they deal with humans. It’s their effort to treat humans as equals, but their thinking still follows only their own logic in a sense, so they think their own promises are not only fair, but often more than fair.

Like, the Jeanie grants three wishes? That’s a good parallel.

Ah, but humans are not so honourable. Indeed, humans are not at all as honourable. Part of the system of promises the fae are now honouring is the human consensus, the human model of “real life”, what humans believe to be true. So they are trying to support that because even though the split has been in force for a very long time, they don’t understand why human beings still seem to be suffering from the glamour.

Which glamour? They don’t know. They think it’s an after effect of their own old influence, an accidental side effect of their own efforts to impact the environment.

That we don’t remember? Yes, but they so far haven’t come to a real understanding of it. Humans just seem to still be “going crazy”, so they have been introducing reinforcing dreams. Dreams of celebrities and great wealth, or dreams of struggle and complex threat, anything they feel can give humans more confidence in their “real life.”

Why would they want to reinforce the thing that separates us from them? Because humanity has proven to be fragile. In the past, they would periodically select humans from the population and try to share their insights with them, or in the case of the less patient, terrify them into understanding the world as the fae understand it. And when these humans were reintroduced “back into the wild”, they for some reason always failed to thrive. They never figured out why, other than like some other species, humans swarm over and kill anything that stinks of the “other.” They don’t have any other idea why humans behave as they do when contact is made.

“Yea, right, suuure you were abducted by faeries.” Yes, and without reinforcement humans tend to stray outside of their natural realm, often making violent contact with something that threatens or destroys them, almost always accidentally. This is why humans have so many monster stories. They mistake what is a coincidence for a causative agent.

Everyone see The Mothman Prophecies? Reality is much bigger than humans conceive of it, and intervention is limited because humanity, like the skittish wild beast, in order to protect itself from its saviour runs right into traffic. Gets run over by forces that they tell themselves are just accidental, just “fate.”

So humans see the wailing banshee as the cause of death. They see the black dog as the bringer of their doom. When in fact they are no such thing. The banshee is more akin to the naive little girl who can’t understand why the mousie is being eaten by a cat and why that isn’t an evil thing, and the black dog, much like the dogs of our world, is trying to guide the individual out of a stream of probability that will put them in jeopardy, even cost them their lives.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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