I think therefore I think. I think too much. Egad! I can’t stop thinking.

The World As Human Thinking in Second Life

There is always a “How”. I am often very angry as I find exchanges with people very frustrating more often than not, but there is always a way for clarity to be reached. Which is what I want.

I don’t actually want to lash out at anyone physically. I just want to get through their screen, and I know fear and drama do it. Yet, they also reinforce the wall and makes them hop right back behind it after they recover from the shock. So very often I don’t bother at all, and let the sleeping hairless monkeys lay. Homo ferox is really vicious when awoken from self induced hibernation, and the more I bleed for this insight the less I want to share it with anyone.

Unless you challenge them to teach the class in your place. That often shuts them up. Yes, and I resent those moments. Because to my view their challenge to my non-existent self image shouldn’t have interrupted anything.

People say that people like me are without empathy. That we cannot comprehend what it means to be in a state of mind. Well, speaking from personal experience, I can, and I often ignore it because to my view human states are shallow, at least most peoples. Too ambiguous to bother to muddle through, and their emotions are as shifting as the breeze. It’s hard to take seriously what won’t so much as tousle my hair… Sorry about the rant.

What can be taken from this is that the range of inner experience is huge. Humanity hasn’t begun to touch the range of its perceptions or the strength of its will. If only the ostrich will pull its head out of the sand, we can all get walking in a meaningful direction. The unspoken ennui people are experiencing, the reason for all the attention deficit, is that the world as human thinking has created it is boring.

That is a myth though. It is indeed a myth. I have held an ostrich’s attention much longer than some humans.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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