The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Public Domain in Second Life

We all dream. Here is a simple trick you might enjoy practicing. The next time you have an animals attention, clear your mind, don’t think, and just fix your gaze on its eyes. Don’t analyze its eyes, just let your vision touch its vision. You might be surprised at how much you and the animal will have to (for lack of a better word) talk about. But you can only do that if you deliberately dream with the animal. It’s like daydreaming.

If I do that to my dog, her ears prick up as if she sensed me saying dinner time. They understand a lot. It’s humans who have lost their senses.

All dreams are “as if”, because all senses are “as if”, and all your actions are chosen “as if”. You don’t know you will be able to make it across your floor. You could have a stroke or seizure and fall right there.

Maybe it was the dog putting dinner time into my head. They can share with you as well. It’s not an invasion. They are just using the same open space that is available to everyone. You aren’t seeing this text as an invasion, and it occupies the space of the text window. The perception window can be public domain also. It is supposed to be. The idea that I am my thoughts is the lie. You are that which knows and perceives, and can do with thoughts whatever you will.

Funny that some people feel so violated if they guess that you can see their thoughts.

That is good to know if your thoughts turn taboo and you start to feel guilty for them. You are not your thoughts.

No point in feeling guilty, because what matters is selection. You really only have two powers. Attention. The directing of the inner eye. And intention. The conversion of inner self into outer action. The channels of that action don’t matter so much, other than one may suit your inner nature more than another. We live in one world, but it’s like a brain, and there are countless legitimate trains of thought that are equally real, but not necessarily equally real for you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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