The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

The Real 99 Percent in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

Now don’t get me wrong, there has always been that sector of fae society that is generally disgruntled, are genuinely disinterested in human well-being, even to one degree or another sadistically inclined, and the numbers of that portion of fae society are growing more and more. They’re becoming disgruntled because, in fact, no portion of humanity is really the 99 percent as they say. The fae are.

99% in what way? They are the product of every factor or being on earth, with the possible exception of technology, and humans by comparison are much narrower, more isolated in their relationships, in their “representation” of the well-being of earth. That little pooka is both house cats and monkeys, and their consciousness partakes of both realities where humans admit only one. They still have to honour their promises, but the gold has become straw. Human economy is becoming more and more just a pile of useless dry leaves, and with that, human comfort is going out the window. Ever wonder why fae always seemed to have some connection to money? Money is just a single side of their coin. They like the light.

They like the shinnies? Shiny is just surfaces. They like the reality created by agreements and promises, consensus. This is why the Tuatha De Danaan are also known as the shining ones.

The fae have no wish to destroy us or any such nonsense. They are part of us and we part of them, but with increasing stress coming to dominate every waking moment, more and more with uncertainty coming to be the rule, fairy glamour will be easier to use, and because of the danger in today’s world, they are more than willing to use it. I can go more into the gruesome side of fae law, but that may be too distasteful as well as maybe not serving a real point.

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Well, ever notice what happens when a fae kills a human? In the stories, their next of kin often wind up with strangely persistent good fortune. The reason being, murder is illegal even for the fae, and the guilty fae after trial is either stripped of energy, or in extreme cases even completely dispersed, and the released energy imbued into the wronged human victims.

Fae justice. Yes, but likewise humans are held responsible for harming fae.

How do we harm them? I would never want to harm them. Fae can be harmed by gross transgressions of the web of life. No single act can harm them. It’s patterns of acts. It’s why they take such exception to things we consider strange. They fiercely hate these behaviours.

Like poisoning the environment? Poisoning the environment is a huge transgression, yes, but so is chronic profanity and chronic lying. This is why we have legends of fae turning on greedy humans usually by “dispelling illusion”, leaving little tell-tale traces of the truth where people who deserve to know will come across them.

They are beginning to look into the weird black things they see humans using. They hear humans speak into them, and they are beginning to figure out that these weird boxes seem to store words. They want access to this, but so far they can only sometimes manage a “gremlin” effect. They are even playing with electronic voice phenomenon, but if you get only a small bit of the joke, it’s often more frightening than funny.

Sometimes when I experience a synchronicity it feels like something (fae?) has set up the scene. Good connection, yes, they are involved even if they aren’t the only authors of the event, or even directly involved.

Have I clearly illustrated the connection between the fae and fate?

Well, then in closing… They say you rise or fall to the level of the company you keep, and historically one of the many things the fae have been called is the good people or fair folk. Though it may be next to impossible to associate with them directly, they can still be interacted with to a promising degree just by keeping an open mind and really noticing the world around you from time to time. You can see little trances of their presence, sort of like living with a really private room mate. You can even communicate with them also. In those moments when you notice what seems like a fae presence, do some small thing to acknowledge them. Whistle a little tune, or draw a smiley face, something like that. They appreciate any gesture that shows you regard them positively, and it motivates them to do more positive things in the future. The only warning there, you don’t want to ask everything and anything of them, because even if they are completely open handed and generous, they don’t actually understand what you intend by what you ask of them. They have no sense of reason or moderation as we know it, so as is often one of the best items of wisdom, keep it simple and everyone will be better off.

As far as working with them, influencing them, they like dreams. If you take a moment to get wildly imaginative before going to bed, with the intent to welcome them clearly fixed in your heart, they are rather likely to accept the welcome, and work with you rather than despite you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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