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Touch of the Fae in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

Anyone hear of the bicameral mind theory? Modern minds have changed. The hemispheres of the brain are actually each potentially self-contained minds, self-contained personalities, and at one time it is theorized that each hemisphere behaved more independently of each other than they do now, one not really being able to sublimate the other.

Well, at one time, the “barrier” between our waking reality and the world dream was rather freely permeable because of this differing nature in the human brain. Now keep in mind the fae are not figments of a single beings imagination, they are independent entities.

Are some evolving back to that state? Indeed, some people are hybridizing the old state with the new, as well as moving back to the old. Humanity once had much less self-control and were very subject to suggestion. Another word for that would be fairy glamour.

Does “lucid dreaming” fit in here somewhere and perhaps it used to be more common than it seems to be today? Ah, indeed, but it often didn’t even require sleep, The shamans trance was relatively easy. That capacity could arise from simple stress back then rather than requiring full blown seizures or near death experiences. But modern lucid dreaming, when successful, is like turning the glove of shamanic trance inside out. It continues to fit if not being as readily sensible and available to our physical instincts as the old ways were.

More complexity in the brain leads to more resistance, perhaps. Well, and the fae were accidental partners in this.

Our dreams are mingled with the fae hence our fates are mingled? Indeed.

During the age of dreams, the aborigines of Australia literally called it the dream time. That stage of humanity where our “higher” brain functions and our dreaming were on equal footing. The fae often intervened in the behaviour of various human communities. This is where the legends of fairy processions and the wild hunt emerge from. They would create disturbances that would give humanity an aversion to various regions of the wild, or various parasitic or predatory behaviours that they otherwise did readily.

Fae thinking is of necessity more complex than human thought as it has to synthesize a complex of points of view. It does so in the process of giving rise to new members of their own kind, and in their efforts to adjust the human component of the world they come from to their liking, they actually complicated the range of human perception and awakened human “theory of mind.”

With this new understanding of reality, humans in their xenophobia began to use the knowledge to insulate themselves against further influence, creating a cyst of perception around themselves that while reinforcing human expectation screened out direct fae influence. This is why humans are so paranoid about reinforcing their institutions now.

So, no human mind can know exactly what another human mind is thinking? Not exactly, no, that is correct, but at one time it was possible. It was even possible not only to share in the thoughts and dreams of the human tribe, but to access all the parallel histories created by human tribes across pan-dimensional space, draw insights “in advance” that other lines of humanity had already arrived at, as well as intuitions shared between tribes of humanity in our own iteration of earth. The fae seem to have disappeared, but this time it isn’t fairy glamour, it’s human energy and effort. But they remain as they always have been humanities closest neighbours, and they still influence us.

Schizophrenics, paraphrenics, are just two of the more obviously overt products of the human schism, but even the more subtle moment’s in human consciousness reflect the touch of the fae. Those wild, spontaneous imagined behaviours that we dismiss from our awareness almost instantaneously and usually without any thought at all. Those same behaviours that we enact in our dreams, this is the realm in which they make contact with us. Yes, you have some control of your dreaming being, but do you have no sense that your dreaming world is larger than you ever dream of?

Do the fae have sexuality or sexual diversity? Ah, they have sexual diversity, and a wild range of sexual passion as this is a powerful source of energy for them. But for them, it serves much the same purpose that dreaming serves for us. They engage in intimacy not so much to perpetuate copies of their species, as they do to strengthen their own autonomy and influence over the world they inhabit. The intimacy reinforces their sense of identity when they exert themselves in making a “Crossing.”

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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