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Other Side of this Equation in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

So I will ask you friends… What is fate?


An influence outside of my control.

Fate is encountering the inevitable… a confluence of circumstances meant to be.

Combined influences.

The product of infinite lines of causation merging at a point in space/time.

Fate is self-enforcing pattern. Chaos theory exists not because there is such a thing as absolute chaos, but because there are some very complex forms of order. If nothing reinforced our patterns of behaviour, we would not survive. We could not eat if there were not food, could not breath if there was not an atmosphere. This pattern of mutually reinforcing patterns is all inclusive. It affects the world dream and the fae as well.

It’s all one big quantum soup? Yes, ultimately, but even your down to earth daily behaviour… Is that really the product of your process of awareness throughout the day? Your daily behaviour is the product of the process of dreaming between your days. Your ability to learn comes from the dreaming process. Your ability to comprehend and find meaning in anything stems from the dreaming process, and we say that people dreaming are unaware.

Fae operate from the other side of this equation. They are the “imaginary number” that is necessary for the equation to make sense, and they take part in the very same process that gives rise to our waking daily life. For them, it’s the “dance.”

Our fate stems from our dreaming? Yes, reinforces and is reinforced by our dreaming life, but just as a box isn’t obviously empty from its solid sides, the dreaming isn’t what we think it to be for the fae. It’s instead their process of seasons, their landscape.

In the spirit twitter you channel the activities of the spirits. I’ve noticed dreaming comes up a lot. That’s how they get their work done? Yes, the sandman is a fae.

Doesn’t our soul work out there with them? It does, but we aren’t behaving so well as fellow citizens of earth.

Do the fae have anything to do with insomnia? They do have something to do with insomnia. They can become momentarily visible during it, and in ages past they didn’t even need to induce insomnia to appear to humans consciously.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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