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The Great Web in Presences


Consciousness seems to exist both individually, and as a collective. Holographic consciousness, pattern in a pattern in a pattern, fractals, and also represented in mandalas. The field of consciousness is almost a terrain by which operant agents of consciousness move and act. So consciousness is both agent and object.  The “I am that I am”, and the patterns we see in the world are a memory, or rather record, of the actions of agents on a shared atmosphere of consciousness.

How do you make an object infinite? Give it the ability to create from itself, within itself, and of itself? Yes, and the great web (to use a Native American concept) has the earth for just one junction. One crossing of the thread with many more out there, but it is one web. The only difference being awareness or ignorance of the web. Deja-vu? It is possible you did witness the event, or place, or person, or object, on a parallel line.

As for the relationship between the living and the dead, even in the case of the intelligent haunt.  They don’t seem to really be focused on our material reality, and they aren’t really aware of us. Who knows? Who says they are the ghosts? This is maybe why they get irritated when we question them. We’re scaring them.

I doubt it. I do too, but it broadens perspective which is my point. There is a difference. They seem to be able to articulate responses to us, and muster an awareness of us that is often deeper than we have of our own situation though they are not omniscient. One such example is the Mothman, and the Jersey Devil, even Sasquatch actually. They seem to have an awareness of events that is out of synch with our own.  Like they see a cause in the environment that we don’t, and even a “higher order” or higher phase being. They might even be tempted to try to help something much more simple in existence than it. Who hasn’t helped a bug at least once? It can’t understand what you’re doing, and it runs around scared on its very flat piece of paper. It can’t see your face, but you don’t kill it and instead turn it out into the grass. Who knows? It might even seem like divine providence to a bug. An act of God. Be God more often, it won’t hurt anything. It is just an acknowledgment of the connection that was already there anyway.

Daddy long legs in my face is getting a whack. They are too freaky and annoying. Maybe you are the arachnid Satan? Fear the squisher! :twisted: Either way your behaviour is incomprehensible to them. People speak of this world and that world, the material world and the spirit world, the living and the dead. I would say it is really only one world, and the things we can’t see aren’t supernatural. You can’t see the electricity in your wall wiring either, but your computer still works.

Hawaiian has a word that covers the so called physical and non physical “presence“. Ka ‘uhane. It is dream, spirit, soul. Ka = a sound before a word. Not quite the word, but no important words are left naked. But ‘uhane covers our sense of real, and unreal, or super natural. Part of the reason for the incantations the world over is that even words have a spirit.  So to utter a word is to call a spirit. To utter a name is to call that specific being. So someone who talks too much is making a lot of spiritual noise, or is the object of a lot of spirits attention.

So if you sense presences, you do and that’s in order. In the tradition of Gnostic voodoo, one is said to suffer poor luck when you have no spirits in or around you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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