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Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

Life As Energy in Morphic Resonance

Morphic Resonance

You think you experience life in a chain of “events” no? And these events seem very complicated and multi-faceted; leading to consequences we can even track very well. It’s actually not that complicated.

Yet sometimes there are unrelated and surprising occurrences, paths crossing, apparitions, and sudden new elements. There are no events. You have never actually experienced an event as you think of them. There are only waves, ripples or tones, words at least metaphorically speaking, and these tones struck by the contact between any two morphic fields give rise to the apparent pattern of activities and circumstances we call events. Otherwise, all the energy going into the event would not take any specific form. It instead forms a background tone that you could call the absolute or the zero point.

Morphic fields colliding. Yes, like bell and clapper.

I have a koan for you. What is the sound of two morphic fields connecting? Event! All of life. Yes, everything. So the part of the event you recognize as stemming from your own involvement of intention is there even though that can be confusing at times. But the wave, or sound of that event, ripples through all other morphic fields also, and manifests in an “interpreted” form in that field or small set of fields. Everyone and everything feels everything you do.

We should be mindful not to shatter glass houses? Well, yes that is true, but not too mindful. Because just as on the one hand your every intention has infinite consequences, your every action also arose from infinite intentions that came before. This communicated sound wave energy is everyone’s energy. It’s the metaphorical air we breathe. Air needs all its elements, even those that if isolated by themselves we consider being repellent, stinky.

All needed to create the whole, yes. Just as people have to flatulate, they have to make mistakes.

So the two things to take away from this are as follows. Understand your life as an energy that is an event that originates from your centre, and realize that by your choices you are engineering the means for all future choices you might make. The consequences of that cake you ate won’t come later. It’s already happened. The cake you ate combined with the argument you had, combined with a stupid commercial you watched on TV, will come together to create an event in what you perceive as your future, especially if you remain disengaged, remain asleep.

Karma? Momentum? Karma, momentum, snoring in bed, all the same thing. Crisis is just a bout of restless leg syndrome. It’s still your leg causing it.

So yes, if I toss this pen on my desk across the living room, it might seem meaningless, but no event occurs in a vacuum, and it will add energy to a forming pattern that will result in an outcome.

Want to know your future? You already do, because anything that moves your body will move your mind, which will then express as action, which will manifest consequences. Your individual thoughts do not by themselves predict your future. They can’t. You are of too many minds for that. It’s your heart that predicts your future. The overall feeling that you tend to describe to others as ideas such as “life is good” or “life is hell.” Do you know why your life is hell? If so, it will remain hell. Some people would claim that they do not know why their life is hell, but then if I ask them why they suffer so, they won’t have any problem at all telling me that.

So they already know the answer? Yes. If you move your mind out of that state, then the problems cease. You didn’t solve them. They actually didn’t even exist. You just shifted your own morphic field.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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