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The trick is you think you were tricked. There is no deceit only paths to truth.

New Forms Arise in Morphic Resonance

Morphic Resonance

Now shall we discuss art? Everywhere is art.

New forms arise in one of two ways, communication or realization.

Realization is like birth. A new form arises from the nature of the originating source. In the case of being human, realization arises through contact with other beings and the events that are just simply the extension of those beings forms. You in a sense become infected or impregnated with a hybrid mass of intention.

Creative cooties. Yes, and with one dis-ease you have a longer life. With no dis-ease you have a sterile life, shorter life.

To go with the infection metaphor, communication comes from introducing the vector or association into the environment. You have the seed or intention of the thing, and you ground it through action in the morphic field around you, and in time it assumes the imagined form. That’s the tricky part. It assumes the imagined form, not the intended form.

That’s why people come to see what they built and are surprised as it wasn’t what they intended? Exactly. You actually have no ability to create your exact intention.

Whenever you intend something your imagination always surfaces, because this is the field in which intention can occur. All imagination is a combination of both personal and borrowed energy.

This is why idea and execution are very different. Yes.

Suggest a deeper intention — something “far more deeply interfused” — to quote Wordsworth? Indeed.

This is why the ‘dream’ is so important in successful people’s lives more than the intention to be famous or rich, etc.? Yes.

Your brain is constantly dreaming. Always. There is no difference between dreaming brain activity and waking brain activity by themselves. Taken as their own processes these are the same thing. This is even why we speak of daydreaming. What differentiates waking activity from sleeping dreams is while awake your brains activity is modulated by the information of “form-ation” fields around you. Contact between morphic fields right there. So simple it goes unnoticed, and you utilize this contact to organize a response to what you are experiencing. That is the resonance part of the picture.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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