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Divination is creative revelation.

Form Follows Intention in Morphic Resonance

Morphic Resonance

But form is not all genetics, is it? No, it’s not all genetics. Ever hear the phrase, form follows function? Well, form actually follows intention. The reason we develop stress related illness so easily, to the point now that they are the worlds biggest killer, is because form follows intention, and we compose out intentions in often highly unstable ways, which brings us to epigenetics.

The behaviour of your flesh and blood biology is not itself strictly dictated by its inherent structure. Outside substances and even internal stresses can alter your DNA, either activating a code that was dormant or blocking a code that was active. This outside influence is simply outside intention. If we can create what amounts to DNA even out of things that aren’t “naturally” DNA, then how is anything outside of the realm of intention?

Well, how this all comes together is simple. We have male humans, right? And we have male humans because there were earlier male humans. They share a morphic filed in common. Because there were some before, there can be more.

No new males. Actually, yes new males. Because we have male humans because there were male simians, and before that there were male mammals, and before that there were male insects, and male structures in plants, all sharing a common field.

‘Made in God’s image’ could then be translated as, god = universes intention? Indeed.

Now it traces even farther back than that, but as you go back the fields begin to lose the qualities we recognize as form. They don’t describe objects as we know them. Instead, they form a big mass of associated energy or impulses.

The morphic fields evolve? They do through contact with each other.

Resonance? Yes. But what is that part of our experience we call thought but a big mass of abstract impulses only suggestive of form? You are in touch with your own morphic resonance, but we just call it your life. You are in touch with your own morphic field, but we just call it your mind.

This is why body types are so closely linked to personality? Yes indeed, and why seemingly radical alterations can show up even before the actual “event” that we recognize as an ailment say. Your own morphic field doesn’t just contain your physical body. It forms a sort of mandala that also contains the potential forms your body can move into. It dictates motion and describes relationship to time and space. This even shows up in your brain, and is why scientists are coming to some of the strange conclusions they are about consciousness.

So, the morphic field precedes the egg AND the chicken? It does. You aren’t just thinking the thoughts of your current self, but also of your future selves, and your past selves. The structure, if it were drawn out, might look rather much like a neuron, and this formation forms the seed for all future options you have, as well as provides roots into the energy field that can also grow and change configuration. It’s those changing links to the past that create the ripple effect that leads to our future like a person rolling over in their sleep.

Does intention fit in here? Intention is the fit. It is the form and the energy that guides any assumption of any specific configuration.

The steering wheel? Yes, like the dan-tien in tai chi, or the hara if you prefer the Japanese term, the sacral chakra.

The center of gravity. Yes. As you practice tai chi you come to experience for yourself how all of your bodies motions and intended motion organize themselves around that one seemingly still or empty point, and you also come to experience what you are missing if you align poorly with this centre. It’s like having two almost entirely different bodies.

Well, the same applies on the intentional level. In a sense, you can “reincarnate” in this life. Even do it multiple times before your biological life span is concluded, and in fact you actually do, often without wanting to. People resist change. So instead of moving into it, they stumble and fall into it. This uses up more potential energy than absolutely necessary, but you “evolve” one way or another. The collective force of the universe itself sees to that.

I trust the collective force of the universe. It’s a good thing to trust. It’s why you live and breathe and have enjoyed anything in the first place. The collective force of the universe, or rather collective form / intention.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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