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Interacting Fields in Morphic Resonance

Morphic Resonance

You may have heard about the new findings they have been discovering regarding DNA. They have discovered that DNA can be artificially created, and it doesn’t necessarily have to include the chemicals we have in our DNA. This fake DNA even shows behaviour like ours displays, reproduction and evolution. Think of plastic DNA, as this is basically what they have made. It behaves just like ours.

I’ve heard of life forms that are assimilating the plastic in our environment. Yes. They have found a fungus in South America that can eat styrofoam cups. Imagine a dump that looks like a park, because all the mess is being used by life.

That would be handy. Indeed, and I suspect they may try to figure out ways to use it.

That’s wonderful. I wonder what else it eats. Well, things, as natural, tend to specialize, so it isn’t likely to eat flesh or anything.

What is the by-product of the consumption? Ah, it has a polymer heavy cytoskeleton, and the end products are just the same thing we used to derive the plastic in the first place. We haven’t yet gotten to the point where we can assemble matter out of thin air.

I try to imagine what the plastic microbes will evolve into in a billion years. Perhaps naturally growing androids?

Ok, my point for bringing this all up is this. If you have the surrounding circumstances for a thing, some small part of the thing, these work together through their own fields to give rise to whatever belongs in that space. This is why nature seems to fill ecological niches with such seeming certainty.

So interacting fields cause a new field that a form is attracted to? That energy is attracted to which fills out the form. This is why we can heal. We have the potential for new skin, even new brain cells, and this is because we have a part of the complete structure. In morphic resonance, the part is the same as the whole which shows up even in human genetics. With just one of my cells they could grow a clone with almost all of my genetic traits, just from one cell.

That’s how they talk about resurrecting an extinct species. Finding genetic material in a frozen tooth or bone. They intend to do it with mammoths.

It would be weird if they made them plastic. That would take radical alteration, and at that point the product wouldn’t likely be a viable life form, but perhaps in the far future.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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