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Psychic Forms in Psychic Hazards

Psychic Hazards

Is there some protection from psychic entities when people gather in churches during disaster and unrest? There is, though often that fails. Churches that are genuine safe zones are pretty rare. When the church is the working residence of a psychically or spiritually advanced minister, then the powerful convictions of that leader or leaders will attract help from the psychic realm. But mostly it is just seen as the refuge of the sickly members of the herd. This is why you hear so often of possession occurring in chapels and monasteries or nunneries.

Not all psychic threats are of a predatory nature. There are groups of psychic entities that have a marked contempt for humanity. So they mockingly puppet the weak minded for their own amusements sake. Some of these more intelligent entities are the descendants of humanity.

What do you mean by descendents of humanity? The psychic realm doesn’t have the dimension of time as we know it. Our own capacity for memory is using the psychic realms connection to what we consider the past and future. All thought, and thus all psychic events, can occur simultaneously on the psychic realm.

So humanity does evolve to become entities purely on the psychic realm? Yes and no, but no. The descendants of humanity I am speaking of stem from a process of symbiogenesis. So a combination of psychic entities on that realm, and human psychic presence, has given rise to new psychic forms. New entities all together. This is why it seems sometimes that our imagination runs away with us, though there is a way to tell if it’s a psychic entity or just your anxiety.

We are cross breeding in the psychic realm? Yes, exactly.

When it’s a psychic entity and not just your anxiety, the thing you are imagining will persist regardless of your state of mind and will persist even while you are busily thinking about something else because it has borrowed your thought form.

If it nags, then it’s worth paying attention to? If it nags, that is a sign of a parasitic entity. It might be better to starve it of your attention in that case.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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