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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Common Encounters With Psychic Entities in Psychic Hazards

Psychic Hazards

Shall we discuss common encounters on this psychic level? First off, recall a time when you were in a very busy place with a lot of people in it. A busy mall might be best. You will recall all the sounds both positive, negative and neutral. More neutral and negative than positive though, which is what the entities I am going to describe like best. Negative emotion is psychically louder and easier to feed on.

Did you notice your eyes tended to go up to the roof quite a lot for no reason you could figure out? Did that space around the shop entrances themselves seem oddly busy even if the shop was closed? Like there was still motion there but nothing physical?

Actually, it was a hockey arena. A hockey arena works also. When the home team wasn’t doing as well. Oh, indeed. The roof there is filled with gangways and lights and the score board. Did you get the impression the arena was breathing?

Yes, kind of huffing and puffing like when someone is impatient. Like watching a swarm of gnats swelling and grouping back together. Yes. Those are what I call mites. They have gone by a bunch of different names. Some call them thought forms, but they never support a full blown mental impression. They don’t look like any specific thing or use any specific idea to influence you, but they do make your skin crawl. Did they?

Yes. I was in a rush to get out of there even though the game was still playing. They were probably breeding up a storm. Lingering in places like that without protection can be like bathing in pigeon feces or sleeping in rats nests. Fortunately, they are also quite easy to deal with.

The fans buzz like that when the team is scoreless. They are attracted to disgruntled people like flies are to pigs.

Oh, and the players fought a lot at the end. That can make you quite irritable. Having a strong focus is all it takes to avoid influence / infestation though.

I have felt them very strongly in Madrid during a demonstration which turned bad. People died. All I was thinking was to find a place of protection and I did. I was not harmed. It was funny, I said to my friends, “We go there…like now!!!” Excellent. Though in the case of your story you probably got a more powerful impression than the mites. A sort of howling sensation? Even a sense of a roar? Made you catch your breath?

A kind of hunger in the air. Yes. You encountered hounds. Those have actual corollaries in myth, mysticism and spirituality. They are drawn to the intent to kill. Their activity is what lead old Celts to tell the story of the wild hunt, which usually ends in the death of the killer as well.

There was this man in the middle of the crowd. He looked in my eyes. He was planning the attack. I looked him deeply in the eyes, he nodded to me and people around let us pass. It’s easy to think of hounds as evil, but they are not, just predators, and they often help people who have a just cause. Like natural predators they want the herd they hunt from to remain strong and healthy.

I have a spirit in my cottage. He only wants to be recognized as what he is. It is not my cottage, it is his. I am only a visitor. Oh, I suspect you have a Domovoi. Those aren’t usually threats and can even be helpful.

He is very protective. Capable of harming intruders or what he thinks as intruders. Yes. Domovoi aren’t known for reading human intention very well. It can affect the physical world, yes. Your spirit is actually not a creature of the psychic realm, though it does have a psychic presence. Your creature is an elemental, and their ability to affect the physical world is often pretty strong.

Yes. He broke a mans finger. Was the man swearing or drunk? The elementals tend to be sort of black and white in their style of thinking.

No. He was a fireman who was going to check the chimney. I was silly. I was worried that he will not let us use the cottage more and was thinking and talking of that, and this elemental stopped him entering the cottage. Oh, the Domovoi consider the hearth itself their private territory very often, but they don’t usually drive off the humans they live with. They like the company.

I am going to sell the cottage. I think I will just let him choose the buyer. That can work. You can even ask him to expedite the process of finding a buyer. Domovoi are earth elementals and they use the earth to send messages.

That’s cool. They have their own internet. They do indeed. They even jam the human internet sometimes.

The cottage is by a lake full of trout and embraced by mountains so it will sell, but I better co operate with him. That would be best.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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