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Sadness isn’t itself a virtue. You know your heart best when it breaks, and you can come to see, that though you feel grief, your heart isn’t actually “broken”.

Psychic Jungle in Psychic Hazards

Psychic Hazards

On the psychic level, you have orders of life even more diverse than the biological. DNA is really a limited medium to be honest, but these psychic entities have many behaviours in common with organic creatures. Hunting, reproduction, seeking shelter, even forming social groups and working cooperatively.

Now what differs between the psychic realm and the physical realm is the defining architecture. Psychic entities aren’t much influenced by physical factors. You being inside a house has no meaning on the psychic level, or at least very little.

The psychic entities I am referring to inhabit different psychic ecosystems. The traits of the psychic ecosystems are based on the amount of psychic energy present in the physical realm. A busy mall is the equivalent of a lush jungle while a bio-hazard zone is equally barren on the psychic level.

I’ve heard of some creatures that gather in places of natural disaster. They’re feeding on the energy created? Yes.

I can see why they call a city an urban jungle. It is a psychic jungle, and like a jungle the biggest part of its psychic population is the equivalent of vermin. But it’s not confined to that. There are psychic entities that are much older and more evolved than the psychic pests that nest in human regions.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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