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Synthesis is an interesting experience. I enjoy tasting blue.

We Belong In Being in Courage


You can internally think about ‘doing the right thing’ with every little thing that you do, or that happens. It’s exhausting. Exhausting and crippling. Who has succeeded by conscience alone? Anyone? And those who complain of never succeeding, are they people of weak conscience?

What is conscience but learned values/ideals? Exactly, and is that judgment such a good thing? Somehow better than our instincts? We do all have the potential to be courageous. If anything, it’s perhaps the only thing that is in our best interests. Can you have a life, and never make any decisions for fear of error? If so, I would say you don’t have a life. You have a living death. The coward dies a thousand deaths, the courageous person only one. The person who dies usually doesn’t bemoan their mistakes, do they? Do they list errors they shouldn’t have done?

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No. It is a list of what they didn’t do. Hesitancy. How they could have engaged life, but didn’t. I like the Egyptian questions to the dead. They are much more sane I think, and there are only two. When you come before the Gods they ask you: Did you find joy in life? Did anyone take joy in you? Can anyone take much joy in you if you are busy making no mistakes? Can you really avoid every hurting anyone? Has anyone never hurt anyone? You can avoid helping though, it‘s pretty easy. You just bow out, and you can avoid making an impact. It’s called conformity, and when you are in your final moments will you really be unable to confront your mistakes? Can we have a life and bend our knee to fear? As it’s been said: We don’t fear we are powerless, we fear we are powerful without measure. Are you using yours? If not, is there really a reason you shouldn’t?

Why would you use fear as a source of power? That’s a bit backward. Power is a source of fear, and fear isn’t fear. Fear is just instinct, and it isn’t even our dominant instinct. When we embrace our power, but we are too busy being afraid of it, and too busy avoiding errors. We are constitutionally incapable of avoiding error. You just can’t avoid mistakes friends, but you can act. Even in physics energy is a measure of how something can act. Even to be present is an action of energy. Being is action is energy, and we do belong in being.

Some people part by saying “Be good“. Others joke by saying “Or be good at it.” I say that too, but I’m not really joking. Be full. Be present. Whatever you would do just do it, and learn from experience.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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