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Identification of form. Form arises from spirit. Not spirit from form.

Psionic Talents in Psionics


One psionic talent is animal communication. Some people have a natural gift for feeling the emotions, and even the thoughts of other species. Often they can do this with an animal species, but not humans.

A horse whisperer? Yes. The horse whisperer likely has the psionic talent to go with his other insights.

Just as everything has a spirit, everything has a mind, a psionic presence and potential. Even a rock has a mind, but usually too unfamiliar with normal consciousness to communicate with.

One of our Hawaiian chants talks about rock/stone as astonishing food of the mind and heart, and we seek stones for these conversations. Psionic talent is likely a powerful component of the Kahuna tradition.

Even if you don’t feel your path is primarily psionic, it can only be helped by embracing the practice of whatever mental talents you might have. An example is if you have precognitive dreams. You don’t have to try to learn telepathy, let your dreaming talent grow. It will enrich you more than trying to develop talents that haven’t come to you naturally, or aura vision. That’s a big thing people get caught up on, and trying to develop a talent you don’t have is more of a stumbling block than a stepping stone. But even the “psionic” world is a whole world, so if you just embrace the talent or talents you do have, you may find that more surface. That one focus leads to others.

For people who have these cognitive talents, I prefer the Chinese research term for them. Rather than ESP, they call them EHF (exceptional human function), also ECT (exceptional cognitive talent). These people often ask questions of “Why me?” They struggle with the meaning of what their mind does, especially because it’s “not normal”. They even feel it’s a threat to their spiritual beliefs, often times.

Normal is overrated! True, it is. But peoples own minds seem to scare them very easily. This is why tonight’s topic of Psionic Animism.

Psionic Animism is seeing the mind as a world, and that the world is not just your mind, but many minds. All minds sharing in a bond that makes telepathy look shallow. Seen from this way, why our mind may be revealing some things to you is easier to understand. If you can see the mind from an animistic view, then if you have a vision, it’s just you seeing what’s happening in the mind but not in the material world yet. It is not so hard to understand, if you think about it. Everything you do first happens in your mind before it happens in your body. Everything that happens in the world, first happens in the minds of the world before it happens in the bodies.

If all minds share a bond, wouldn’t it allow someone to read your mind whenever they wanted? Yes and no. Though all minds share a bond, they exist as independent entities as well. One cell in your body can’t just absorb its neighbour. Both are needed for the health function of that organ, and if one mind were to try to absorb its neighbour, well… That is “cancerous” behaviour, and sets the living mind of the world into action to affect it, but your state is not secret in the psionic world. Though you may not consciously communicate with it, your energy is shared out into the world as was and always has been natural. It’s why animals seem to sense human feelings so easily.

Perhaps put another way, just as the energy of your body is borrowed from the world, from the sunlight you absorb and the food you eat, the energy of your mind is also borrowed and shared back. But it happens even faster, and it has the purpose of reinforcing the bond that all life is meant to share in the first place. This doesn’t keep you from being an independent mind, doesn’t keep you from being an individual, but it does mean that the actions or “motions” of your mind don’t go unnoticed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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